#SCBDReview: Broadway back at the Jersey Shore


Broadway is back at the Jersey Shore! When Sandy hit the Jersey shore I thought for sure Broadway Bar and Grill was not going to be able to make a return, and I was sad, so sad. A number of our favorite bands have played here: The Nobs and The Clamdiggers, to name just 2.

broadway 2We got there early on a Friday night, actually it was still afternoon. There were a few around the bar and a table or two full. The place was beautiful inside. When we walked in we were oogling the new digs. I could tell the bouncer was used to people doing this since the storm. Broadway used to be a dive and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It was a local spot for the locals and for the guys who fished on the boats and those of us who followed our bands. We were chatting with the bartender, Colleen, and I asked about the storm damage. I could see there was little of the original place there, but it was very similar. Colleen told us they had taken on 3-4 feet of water and it destroyed everything inside. Even the ceiling was damaged with mold from the water. WOW, did they do a good job. Lots of wood with clear lacquer, the booths had their logo on them as well and my favorite was the pictures lacquered to the bar itself. If you still want to call it a dive, you can but I think it is one cool spot.

broadway 1 AND let’s not forget the food they are most famous for …..burgers and wings. Now, you may be saying to yourself “I can get burgers and wings anywhere”. But I am telling you burgers and wings like the ones they have here are not to be had just anywhere. They make your burger how you ask for it, lately that’s been tough to get. Not only that, but this place is always a deal. A real deal. We had cheeseburgers, one with fries, one with chips and 3 drinks, I admit, I had 2. Our bill was less than $30. Plenty of other things on the menu too, think I might have to go back and try the ‘bucket of bacon’. hmmmm.

Broadway Bar and Grill
106 Randall Ave
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742
(732) 899-3272

Post-Sandy support for my favorite city– #NYC!

It’s been almost three weeks now since Sandy hit and boy did she hit hard. New York City is still picking itself up week by week. There are tons of ways to help: buy a shirt, volunteer, donate, dine– especially downtown and more.

Here are a few ideas to help my favorite city:


Restaurants were hit the worst downtown & some are still suffering. If you are going to eat in the city, dine downtown & be sure to tip well! Many workers were out of work for a week if not more!


“Sticking Together Through Sandy” fundraising event this Monday, November 19 at Tavern29 (29th Street between Park & Madison) from 5PM- Midnight: $20 at the door, cash bar, beer/wine specials all night. All proceeds raised will go to the K.I.D.S. organization who will be matching every $1 with $10 worth of products.

Through Sunday, November 18th, all Scarpetta locations as well as D.O.C.G. Enoteca in Las Vegas will offer two multi-course tasting menus from which $20 each will go directly to City Harvest‘s goal to deliver food to people directly impacted by the storm.
A five-course pasta tasting of signatures such as Conant’s pumpkin casonsei and duck & foie gras ravioli will be available for $80 per person ($125 with wine pairing). A seasonal tasting will offer comforting, seasonal favorites such as scallops with celery root, spiced duck breast and warm pumpkin bread for $115 ($175 with wine pairing). Offerings will vary by location and seasonal availability.
Scarpetta, 355 West 14th Street, 212.691.0555 
Battery Place Market’s Chef Robert Sckalor along with the Battery Place team will be going to the Rockaway’s tomorrow, November 17 to with their food offering. Last weekend, he went to Midland Beach with the team to help feed those in need.
Check out these cute I Love New York stickers & shirts by Shirt & Destroy! All proceeds will be going to various charities helping those affected by Sandy :)
The week after Sandy, Shake Shack held the Rally Shake, which donated $2 of each shake sold to the American Red Cross, raising $11,111 total!
In total, the New York City Food Truck Association has served about 120,000 free meals since Super Storm Sandy hit and they are keep it going thanks to the  NYC Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City

Things will not be ‘normal’ here on the East Coast for awhile, so every little bit counts!

Happy donating!! :D

Sara Monica, Founder

At the young age of 23, Sara is the founder and head editor of Smallchickbigdeals.com aka #SCBD. Sara is a Jersey Girl raised by the shore, currently residing in Northern New Jersey. When she is not working, she is finding something new to post and share with her readers whether it be a new food product, recipe, restaurant review or another interview. Read her full bio, here. Read the full story behind #SCBD, here.  When she is not writing for #SCBD she also contributes to Jersey Bites,Carter Int’l Concierge, & New Fork City. Follow her @SmChickBigDeals!

#SCBD & Boozy Burbs Bergen County Sandy Relief Fundraiser

Please join Small Chick Big Deals & Boozy Burbs to support those affected most by the Super Storm Sandy in Little Ferry & Moonachie. All proceeds will be going to the Borough of Moonachie Relief.

Tuesday, November 13th from 7-9:30pm
At Rockleigh Country Club
26 Paris Avenue, Rockleigh, NJ

Cash Bar (portion of proceeds being donated to relief efforts)
Complimentary hors d’oeuvres from area restaurants and caterers
Raffle (entire proceeds being donated to relief efforts)
$5 Suggested Donation/Entry Fee

RSVP via Facebook here or here.

Interested in donating or helping out?

Email #SCBD at smallchickbigdeals@gmail.com or Boozy Burbs at info@boozyburbs.com

#Sandy hits home in many ways for #SCBD

Sandy has hit home for me in many ways. My hometown, Howell is about 15 minutes from the Jersey Shore’s well known beaches such as— Belmar, Manasquan, Lavalette, Seaside Heights. These beaches gave me childhood memories with my family, moments of peace throughout my young adulthood and were a haven for me constantly. I can’t even tell you how many times I used to go to the Manasquan inlet just to think and take a deep breath of the ocean and relax. It was my getaway that wasn’t too far from home and now it’s gone. I also met my boyfriend and shared numerous memories at the Point Pleasant boardwalk which is now destroyed. It breaks my heart in so many ways.

My best friends & I on Manasquan Beach before Hurricane Irene last year. :(

The Mansaquan Inlet post-Sandy

Point Pleasant boardwalk post-Sandy

Sandy brought me home. First off, I haven’t been home since I’ve moved out officially into my apartment which is actually 4 months ago this weekend. Due to the loss of power in my new apartment in Bergen County after four days of surviving on gas & hot water (which we were fortunate to have) with my boyfriend Jason, his dog Aby, and my roommates we decided to come home. I’m now safe in my hometown Howell which has power, visiting my grandma’s who weren’t doing too well, and trudging through trying not to cry. My boyfriend is now home still waiting for power in his town in Somerset county now. As far as I know one of my roommates is safe somewhere with power while the other also waits in Northern Monmouth county.

Sandy hit my other ‘homes’– NYC & Hoboken. As you may know I am constantly commuting into the city and/or Hoboken constantly. I was actually supposed to go do an interview with the owner of Sweet Revenge in NYC the Sunday Sandy hit but due to high winds I had to re-schedule. I’ve seen so many posts of New Yorker’s pulling through and it makes me which I could I #DineOutinNYC in a flash but I am so far away and have no way in. I actually just got a haircut for a deal I will be telling you about when appropriate in Hoboken last Friday. The salon is now damaged and will need to be rebuilt. Hoboken has it the worst in North Jersey. It saddens me so much, I’m lost for words.

Hurricane Sandy’s toll on Hoboken

PATH station destroyed

The waiting game. As I wait for power to come back to my apartment and fortunate to have power where I am at home. All I want to do is help but I don’t know where to start, there are so many options which I will mention in my next posts or two. It’s uplifting to see so many people coming together in the area in a time of need.

Gas lines. The gas lines are crazy up in Northern Jersey especially near my apartment,  the gas lines are ridiculous and were long before the rationing even begun. It’s also bad near my school in Morris county. Rationing has effected all the counties I have and/or currently reside in. I never imagined this happening but I know it’s effective.

This post is very personal for me, this is just a local’s point of view on Sandy’s destruction to the places that mean a lot to me. Take this post however you’d like but it comes from a deep place.

The bright side. The bright side is that there are ways to help whether it be a donation, volunteering, eating local, giving family/friends a place to stay warm and charge up or even a warm meal. It’s so great to see residents of New Jersey & New York come together.

Before I start posting multiple ways to donate the easiest and most effective way is through the Red Cross, you can see this link on the side of my page & throughout my next few posts. If you can afford to donate, please do, anything helps:

On that note, please look out for my posts regarding Sandy within the week, ways to donate in New York & New Jersey which are hurting bad. I will resume my normal reviews, recipes, interviews, etc in a few weeks when I feel appropriate but until then look out for post- Sandy dining destinations both locally & nationally, organizations to donate to, post-Sandy recipes for those of us who may no longer have anything in the fridge (like me), comfort food recipes, and more.

Be well, stay blessed & strong…after every dark night there is a brighter day.

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