#SCBDReview: @MEEMOMSNJ- Means Grandma to Many, Means Great Food to Us



Interesting place, this Meemom’s. I expected it to be comfy-kitchy, but it was more upscale-delicious with a healthful hint.

I’ve now been to Meemom’s twice. My first visit was for lunch with my co- teacher. We rarely get out for lunch, but this day we had a teacher in service and I just had to get to this place that everyone was talking about. The menu was different, but in a good way.

photo 7


They have a coffee bar with all sorts of fun and funky coffees, but we just decided on the coffee of the day, it was Summatra, and delicious. We each had a sandwich, but at Meemom’s a sandwich is much more than just a sandwich. I chose to have a MonteCristo and here it is served with what they call Spuds. They are yummy crispy potatoes with onion and green peppers. My co-teacher had the Sam-Wich which came with pasta salad. But apparently this pasta salad is just not any pasta salad. She kept saying “This is REALLY good pasta salad”. So eventually I got the drift. REALLY! As we left that day, we heard the cashier tell someone, the usual “See you soon” and his reply was “Yeah, soon…I’ll be back tomorrow!”

The next time I went it was for breakfast and I was with my companion and Small Chick Big Deals, Sara, herself! My companion and I had the coffee of the day again. Sara had one of the Specialty drinks. The menu just looked so good we couldn’t decide between the sweet and the savory. We decided to have the Crazy Monkey French toast to share as a breakfast appetizer. Maybe more places should serve something like this. It was stuffed with homemade peanut butter, marshmallow spread, and fresh cut bananas & topped with walnuts served with chocolate butter. Oh, yeah.

For our main dish, I had the Jersey Omelet which included diced pork roll, tomato & American cheese and of course those Spuds. It certainly did Jersey justice! My companion had the Breakfast Enchilada which was two tortillas stuffed with scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, sausage, & topped with homemade cheese sauce & melted cheddar jack cheese. Bet your mouth is watering now? Lastly, it was Sara’s turn to order, she had the Steak Benedict, which was skirt steak, spuds & two poached eggs served over toasted biscuits topped with hollandaise sauce. There are so many good choices to choose from, you really need to check out the menu for yourself and come to Wall.

I, myself, will certainly go back and secretly hope Meemom’s opens a place in Howell as well.

photo 8

                    photo 5photo 6

SCBD’s POV: Like Arlene mentioned above, I expected the usual diner-like, Jersey-style like eatery upon walking into Meemom’s in Wall but it was nothing like that. Meemom’s is now my favorite breakfast joint in the area because the menu is fun and filling and the staff is on point.

On the website, the restaurant is described as, “Meemom was hands down the sweetest woman anyone could ever know. From close relatives to relative strangers, everyone called her “Mom”. She just had a way about her that made people feel at home. Whether it was with her infectious smile, her warm embrace, or her unbeatable cooking, Meemom’s biggest joy in life was bringing joy to others. We can only hope that the home cooking at Meemom’s Kitchen, created from recipes passed down from Meemom herself, can continue to pull people together and bring smiles to their faces.”

Meemom’s Kitchen is just that, the first time I went I got a cappuccino and fresh squeezed orange juice, the Crazy Monkey French Toast, and the Steak Eggs Benedict. Meemom’s unlike most breakfast joints around here has an extensive coffee bar so my cappuccino was satisfying and the fresh squeezed OJ did not disappoint. Next, came out our Crazy Monkey French Toast which was perfect for three people to split. It wasn’t too sweet and you didn’t feel too guilty eating it. Last, came our separate entrees we each ordered. Arlene and her companion were satisfied with their choices as I was with mine. The steak eggs benedict were great, tons of flavor, great portion. They were served on a biscuit instead of an english muffin which I didn’t mind.

The last time I stopped by, I had what Arlene got for breakfast when the three of us went– the Jersey Omelette. The Jersey Omelette is one of their signature dishes and has tomatoes and pork roll (or Taylor Ham to some of you) in it. I’m very picky on how much pork roll I consume oddly but it had just enough in it to balance with the tomatoes perfectly.The omelette was also fluffy so it was great to eat!

photo 3

                    photo 1photo 2

If you are local and haven’t been to Meemom’s yet, make it your next breakfast destination. If you are coming to the Jersey Shore over the summer, make it your breakfast destination. I highly recommend it and I hear they are talking about opening shop in a town a bit closer to me and honestly…I can’t wait!

Meemom’s Kitchen
Plaza 35
1825 Highway 35
Wall, New Jersey 07719
Open everyday 6am-3pm



#SCBDRecipe: Overnight Oats


What started as an Instagram-inspired experiment has become a breakfast ritual. I am quite literally motivated to get out of bed every morning by the knowledge that my bowl of overnight oats is waiting in the refrigerator. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it makes such a difference if you enjoy it to the fullest. My schedule varies on a day-to-day basis, but this one is consistent: I am busy. Thankfully I have found the solution to the struggle of not having time to cook after my morning gym session and trying to avoid the temptation of a loaded bagel.

iphone 017

The best part about overnight oats is the inherent simplicity. Two ingredients are necessary: oats (I prefer whole rolled oats or steel-cut) and milk (I use almond milk). The preparation is easy: combine equal parts oats and milk, stir, and leave in the fridge overnight. While in the fridge, the oats absorb the liquid overnight and you’re left no-cook oatmeal (overnight oats, so clever!). Because I have a huge day ahead of me each morning, other ingredients have become crucial.

iphone 122

For MY oats each night I use:

  • ¼ cup rolled oats
  • ¼ cup almond milk
  • 1 container (5.30z) fat-free Greek yogurt
  • ½ tablespoon chia seeds

iphone 023

When I wake up in the morning, I like to stir in a tablespoon of peanut butter and top it with ¼ cup granola or cereal for some crunch, although the possibilities for toppings are endless. Flavored yogurts can also change things up. I definitely recommend trying it out and tweeting your creations to @HHRiede!

#SCBDExclusive #ToBeBauk Presents: Who Needs Processed Coffee Creamer?


Happy snow storm everyone!

On this bitter morning, the one thing I crave is coffee.

I am sure most of you agree, coffee is a splendid way to ease the chill. Now the question is… how do I do this paleo-style?

After following a few amazing paleotastic instagrammers, I’ve learned the secret ingredient to not just clean coffee, but better tasting coffee.

Instead of using pre-made, go to your local Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and purchase this golden gem: Unsalted Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter (Milk from grass-fed cows).


Now, brew some delicious coffee and pour it into a blender, magic bullet, etc.


Then, dish out 1 tablespoon of the butter and drop in the blender!


If you like flavor: I add some cinnamon and vanilla extract to my blend, but feel free to add whatever you like! Examples: A piece of dark chocolate, spice, anything that is blendable!

Finally, blend that baby up!


My coffee tastes a lot smoother when using this technique. I really enjoy the latte-like foam and the subtle flavoring.


Have you tried this? If so, I would love to know your experience! Use any interesting flavors? Let me know!

- Stephanie from tobe.baukhages.com 

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#SCBDReview: Upper East Side French Café-@monpetitcafe

scbdreview1. Menu and tableMy boyfriend’s mother and I were out in New York City and wanted to find a cute, little place to grab breakfast to hold us over until our lunch plans. On the corner of Lexington Avenue and 62nd Avenue, we found a small corner restaurant called Mon Petit Cafe. It is a French bistro that had both amazing food and atmosphere. When you walk in there are about 20 or so tables with cute decorations and mirrors. One thing I noticed was the cute pattern on the chairs and bench seats.

2. Me in Mirror 3. InsideWe sat down, water was served to us right away; the service was incredible the entire time. We decided to order a bread basket, green tea, and the Tartine de Brie entrée to share. The bread was fresh and served with butter and jam. It was so refreshing and tasted like it had just been baked.

4. Bread and BrieThe tea was Stash and served in individual kettles with a tea bag holder. This type of tea wass delicious and hit the spot on this slightly chilly morning.

5. Tea PotThe Brie dish was outstanding. It was the homemade baguette with melted Brie in top served with slices of fresh tomato and basil on the side. The Brie was rich but in such a good way. Adding the tomato on top, combined to be a delicious snack. If I ever return, I would order this in a second.

6. BrieIf we weren’t full we would have gotten a crescent, they were huge and looked so good. They offer so many options of omelets, French toast, crepes, eggs, fresh fruits and yogurts. They also offer a brunch, lunch, and dinner in addition to breakfast. Definitely, a sweet find and I cannot wait to plan a lunch date there

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7. Closing Picture of Brie and Bread table


#SCBDExclusive: Interview with Chef Josh Barnhard of Josh’s Coastal Chaos

scbdexclusivephoto 2

A few months ago I had the opportunity to meet with a local chef Josh Barnhard at his restaurant, Josh’s Coastal Chaos that is located in Point Pleasant, NJ. Josh’s Coastal Chaos is unlike anything in its area and focuses on giving its customers good, hearty meals that have a creative focus and are also a bang for your buck. Check out my interview with him below and see how he got started and his plans for the future.

SCBD: How old were you when you started cooking?

JB: I’ve always loved cooking since I was little. I was 17 when I started working in a kitchen and continued to work in restaurants throughout college. I  worked at Tiffany’s in Toms River, Front of House at Lone Star and Charlie Brown’s.  Then I  started working at my family’s restaurant, Taylor’s Dockside Grill while working other jobs. I also learned a lot when I worked for Aramark for a period of time.

              photo 3 photo 1 photo 2

SCBD: What made you want to choose cooking?

JB: My dream career is one where I can creative and I can do that with cooking. I am  extremely passionate about cooking and music.

SCBD: What made you want to open Josh’s Coastal Chaos?

JB: I was working at Taylor’s Dockside up until the time Superstorm Sandy hit.  The damage was so bad because of Sandy that we couldn’t reopen.  After a while I decided to Chaos in Point Pleasant  Beach and its been open since April.

photo 3 photo 1 photo 2

SCBD: What’s your vision with Josh’s Coastal Chaos?

JB: We’re doing a lot of trial and error. We currently have breakfast and lunch every day and may even serve dinner at some point due to the high demand from our customers.

SCBD: What would you call the cuisine here?

JB: We’re a family based restaurant that specializes in comfort food with a chaotic twist. We have everything to breakfast classics to lunch favorites. We don’t serve any frozen food, everything is homemade from the chicken fingers to pancakes.

photo 3

photo 1

#SCBDRecipe: A New Healthy Spin on a ‘Pancake’

scbdrecipeI kept reading about a recipe for a healthy pancake, on various websites. It is delicious, healthy, and gluten free! There are many varieties for this very simple recipes, but I chose the simplest. I used one ripe banana and mashed it into a smooth puree. Then, I mixed in two whole eggs.

1. Egg and Banana MixI add pam and a little bit of butter in a frying pan, and poured a small amount of my batter into it. I waited about 30 seconds, then flipped it until the other side was brown. The butter made the pancakes look almost burnt, but they were not at all.

2. Pan 1 3. Pan 2 4. Pan 3I ended up making about 8 small pancakes. I ate the first batch plain with nothing on it.

5. Plate with PancakesI made the pancakes a second time, and decided to try some pumpkin butter from Trader Joes with them. It was absolutely delicious. It was more of a desert, so this is a great option for a late night snack. The sweetness from the pumpkin butter mixed with the nutrients of the egg, and to help to keep you full the banana (which actually helps aid sleep).

6. Pumpkin ButterI also tried some maple syrup and Log Cabin Syrup with the pancakes, and this made it seem more like a real pancake, it was so delicious. Both were amazing, I would eat it this way again in a heartbeat.

7. Maple Syrup 8. Log Cabin SyrupThis is my new obsession, finally I have a super healthy obsession. It tastes so good, it will keep you full longer than normal pancakes, and there are less carbs. It

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is full of nutrient and vitamins.

I have heard other variations with adding different fruit to the banana and eggs, adding peanut butter or almond butter, or even adding different spices. Each time I make it I think I am going to be adding other things to it. It is so easy to change it up, and super easy to make! Enjoy!

Recipe I used:

  • 1 large banana
  • 2 large eggs
  • Butter or cooking spray
  • Frying Pan or Griddle

#SCBDRecipe: Add Pumpkin to Your Morning with Pumpkin Oatmeal

scbdrecipeFinished Product 2 useOctober 26th is National Pumpkin Day, and there is no better way to start the day off right, than with pumpkin! This quick and super easy Pumpkin Oatmeal recipe is a good way to celebrate and eat a healthy, filling breakfast!

pumpkin oatmeal recThe ingredients you will need are listed above. I used Quick 1-minute Quaker Oats, you may use whatever brand you like. If you are going to be cooking the oatmeal stove-top, I would recommend going for the Quaker Old Fashion (or any cook-able oatmeal). I used Skim-Plus Milk; I love this milk because it taste sweet and has so many vitamins and nutrients. You can really use any milk, almond milk, coconut milk, or full milk; these milks will enhance the taste a little differently, so you could even mix it up! Next, I used Libby’s canned Pumpkin; I had a lot left over so I am going to use the rest for another recipe or more pumpkin oatmeal this week. Next, I used Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie spice and any cinnamon would work as well. The recipe called for raisins, but I do not like raisins, so I omitted this. Again, anything can be added in this case; the next time I make this I will be adding walnuts. Finally, I did not use brown sugar, but at the end, you can add brown sugar to sweeten to taste.

IngredientsThe first steps are to measure all of the ingredients, as listed in the recipe. Before, I started to cook on the stove-top, I mixed together the canned pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and cinnamon in a separate bowl. I started to cook the milk and oats. First, I put the milk in a pot and boiled it; once it was boiling I added the oats until they were soft and hot.

Pot two mixturesThen, I combined the hot oat mix to the pumpkin mix. It mixed in nicely and the hot oats warmed the pumpkin right away.

after mixingThe final product was delicious, especially considering I did not add any brown sugar. I topped it off with some slice bananas and blueberries. Both, mixed with the oatmeal very well and tasted so good. This is also a very healthy pumpkin recipe. The nutritional facts for the recipe are included, but for the specific items I added, it would be 232 calories per cup of oatmeal. This includes only 3.4 grams of total fat, 106mg of sodium, 337 mg of potassium, 40g of total carbs, 12g of sugar, 12.4g of protein, 6 vitamin A, 1.4% of Vitamin C, 25% of Calcium, and 10% Iron. This is a well balance meal; adding fruit will only increase that benefit.

Finished ProductI had extra left over, since this makes such a big batch. This is a great recipe for a weekend morning with family, or split it into little bowls to have ‘to-go’ containers for the week. I put the oatmeal in a big bowl and stuck it in the fridge, this way the next few days I can scoop a portion into a bowl and heat it in the microwave. This is one of the simplest pumpkin recipes I have tried, and it is so delicious. Be creative and add your own mixtures or spices, no matter what you add; it will be a delicious healthy start to your day!


#SCBDReview: Dorcas of Bayhead, a Jersey Shore Classic

scbdreviewDorcas-so good it really doesn’t need any social media, but I couldn’t resist
beautiful weather so, my companion and I decided to check out one of the local craft fairs. So many to choose from, but Bay Head won out for us today. After walking through the arts and crafts from various New Jersey vendors we decided to walk along the small downtown area. It just happened to be lunch time so we wandered over to Dorcas of Bay Head. We were thinking of eating outside, but as we walked up to the hostess we noticed the last outdoor table was occupied. She smiled and told us the inside was available, so we were shown inside, right up the stairs.

-1Even though it was badly damaged by Super Storm Sandy, Dorcas retains the quaint antique local style it had before the storm. The menu includes classic comfort foods as well inventive items. I chose the tuna melt, which was more than your average tuna melt. It came with a Jersey tomato slice, bacon and homemade chips; did I say how delicious it was? My companion had the breakfast bowl, which really doesn’t sound like much, but it was plenty. The menu that it had corned beef hash topped with eggs and asparagus, but it was much more. The corned beef hash was actually roasted potatoes and shredded corned beef. Wow, what a winner.

-2They serve breakfast, lunch and then a dinner where the menu changes daily. We know we will be back for dinner. While Dorcas is closing for the season on November 1, our waitress told us that the plan for next year is to begin staying open for the whole year. So, although I am writing this review now, we’ll have to bring it back next year, too. Oh,yeah, did I say we’ll be back for dinner then, too? We will.

Dorcas of Bay Head
58 Bridge Ave
Bay Head, NJ 08742
(732) 899-9365

#SCBDLifestyle: The Motivational Dresser


The Motivational Dresser picture

Hey everyone! This is my first post of many on smallchickbigdeals! I am a 19-year-old future entrepreneur/ restaurant owner. I dabble into everything I can to gain professional and life experience.

Okay let’s be real. We all don’t wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy (thank-you Kesha), but we all wake up wanting to have a great day. Everything you do from the moment you wake up to the time you reach your destination has a lot to do with your fashion and eating habits. Weird right? I don’t think so. When waking up make sure you eat a nutritious breakfast. We have heard that since before time, but it’s true. If you eat leftovers like pizza or burgers for breakfast you’ll be sluggish throughout the day. Try pre making your breakfast or eating fruits or cereal. One of my favorite breakfast items to make is a bagel with pepper jack cheese, bacon and an egg. I got this idea from school. I would order one every morning, one day I decided to save my three dollars and make my own. At school the option of 5 different cheeses and 4 different meats are given to add to a bagel. There is was also an option of a veggie bagel.Of course, you can put anything you would like on your bagel. There is was also an option of a veggie bagel. Pictured below are some snacks that I shop for for during the school day.


After you have filled your stomach with yummy breakfast its time to get dressed!

In my opinion, What you wear has the biggest effect on your day. If you don’t dress for success, you are dressing for failure. I know that’s a tough way to look at it, but it’s the truth. Wearing your sweats to school or even your pajamas (yes, unfortunately people do that) to school will likely result in you having a mediocre day. Actually, planning or putting effort in to your outfit will allow you to feel really well about your day. Even wearing a cute workout outfit to school is better then sweats or pjs. Wearing workout clothes will put you in the mind state of being active .If you want to be the part you have to

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dress for it. My go to outfit in the mornings are usually a pair of dark jeans or leggings, a fitted white shirt (if I do wear jeans), or an oversized white shirt for the leggings, a statement necklace and a pair of nude flats. Its simple and it doesn’t take a lot of effort for those lazy mornings.

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 3.49.55 PM

If you are stuck on healthy things to eat for breakfast or casual yet trendy school wear for some ideas, go to Pinterest.

Starting the day with one smart decision will result with a day of great decisions.



#SCBDReview: Josh’s Coastal Chaos-what Chaos was meant to mean


Monkey French Toast

Monkey French Toast

Chaos it is, but according to their postings, this is the way it should be. This is the perfect place when you are hanging out and have time for a leisurely meal with some awesome food. Those are the things that Josh’s (Josh’s Coastal Chaos) prides itself on. You can tell by the menu that a lot of heart and soul went into this menu. It is very creative with a lot of things you probably haven’t seen before. The staff was very friendly; I repeat very friendly.

coastal chaos 1coastal chao 3

First visit. Our coffee came in great big mugs. How nice to wrap my hands around a mug of coffee instead of a tiny coffee cup, and just chillax on a weekend morning. We noticed pineapple bacon on the menu and had to get that as a sort of breakfast appetizer. How different and creative. It just made me think how many other flavors of bacon there could be! I then chose the monkey French toast. Wow, what a hit, thick French toast with syrup and nuts and oh how beautiful and delish. My companion ordered a combination breakfast, it had a little bit of everything. He said everything was delicious, but we noticed a few things were missing from the plate. A few things came to the table with an apology from the waiter saying he preferred to bring out the plates that he took the orders for. Nice guy.
I’d have to say, I would bring visitors here as long as we had the time to spare. The food is fresh as well as creative, and those big mugs of coffee….

Biscuits & Gravy

Biscuits & Gravy

Second visit. This time I went with Sara, you know, Small Chick Big Deals, herself. A Friday morning we both had off. She had the biscuits and gravy. They came out steaming hot and she let me taste that sausage gravy. You can tell Josh knows his stuff, depth and flavor, you know this doesn’t come in a can. I had the Jersey deal, you know, pork roll. Lots of pork roll and done just right, no one wants rare pork roll, gotta have that little bit of crisp to it.

The Jersey special

The Jersey special

It was right between breakfast and lunch so Josh had a moment to speak to Sara. Seems they both went to the same high school. Small world, isn’t it. Josh had us taste his homemade waffles with syrup and ice cream. Dammit, now it’s going to be difficult to decide to go sweet or savory next meal here. Maybe I’ll just have to do both.

Our delicious meal the 2nd visit!

Our delicious meal the 2nd visit!

Sara’s #SCBD POV: I was so excited to come and finally try Josh’s Coastal Chaos! It’s a nice size restaurant, ideal for a leisurely breakfast with friends or family before a day on the beach. I loved the biscuits and gravy I had when we went– the dish itself was huge and filling! I also brought home leftovers as usual which were great the next day! It was nice to meet Josh in person after hearing so much about the restaurant! Not to mention, the waffle was a great treat to end our delicious, filling breakfast! I know I will definitely be back and hope you make it a destination next time you’re down by the Jersey Shore!

Josh’s Coastal Chaos
816 Arnold Ave.
Point Pleasant, NJ
(732) 202-6078

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