#SCBDReview: #Health and #Fitness Vemma Products

  I’m a health & fitness guru and once I tried some Vemma products after my latest workout. I couldn’t get enough of the flavor and taste. I felt honored to be able to sample some hearty and healthy dietary supplements. The box contained a bundle of healthy goodness. These products are packed with vitamins and essential minerals! Once I took my first guzzle of Vemma’s Next Orange Blast Ultra-Premium Dietary Supplement, I knew I fell in love. It’s filled with orange flavor and its super yummy! I was sent a bunch of Vemma products along with that one such … Continue reading

#SCBDRecipe: Celebrate Passover with These Fun and Easy Recipes!

  Passover begins on Monday, April 14th, kicking off a series of festive spring holidays. What better way to observe Passover than with some delicious dishes for you and your family? The following recipes are easy to make and put a modern twist on traditional Jewish dishes. If you celebrate Passover, then you’re aware that matzo is a staple in Jewish cuisine. Kings Food Market, located in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, offer up some fun ways to spice up your matzo with these dishes: Matzo Pizza: Unlike the regular greasy variety, this Passover pie calls for just a few … Continue reading

#SCBDExclusive: #Health and #Fitness Interview Shirley Archer: 9 to 5 Workout

  When Shirley Archer, world-renowned fitness and wellness educator, trainer and award-winning author of 15 books, suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, she learned a lot about “self-care and how to create optimal health,” Shirley says. “Eating well, managing stress, sleeping well and regular exercise are all parts of the puzzle to create health and fitness,” Shirley shares. “After restoring my own health and feeling great, I wanted to share all the valuable tips and information that I had learned to help other people.” Shirley’s “Fitness 9 to 5: Exercises for the working week” allows us to exercise while we’re working. … Continue reading

#SCBDRecipe: Pizza Grilled Cheese for National Grilled Cheese Day!

Sandwiches. Pizza. Grilled cheese. What happens if you blend all three of these tasty and amazing things? PIZZA GRILLED CHEESE, that’s what! So, in honor of National Grilled Cheese Day I will share a fantastic Pizza Grilled Cheese recipe with you. This is one you will want to make over and over! What you need: 4 slices of bread Butter Italian seasoning Pepperoni Parmesan cheese Mozzarella cheese Marinara sauce What to do: Butter each piece of bread on one side and create your sandwiches in layers. Start with mozzarella, Italian seasoning and parmesan, Add a layer of sliced pepperoni and … Continue reading

#SCBDReview: Eat, Drink, Rock n Bowl Revolutions-Syracuse, NY

We were visiting friends in the Syracuse, NY area and wound up at the Destiny Mall. Hungry for a mid afternoon bite we were attracted to this large spot called Revolutions. We walked in where we were greeted by a smiling hostess named Nicole.                            Now this place has lots to offer, an arcade area, a bowling area and a bar and big screen TV area. The big screen TV area called out to us. Nicole and her smile showed us to a big comfy booth with a … Continue reading

#SCBDExclusive: Must-Know Fon-DO’s for National Fondue Day Today!

  Do you fondue? This classic Swiss meal has its own holiday. April 11th is National Cheese Fondue Day, a time to fire up the fondue pots for food, fun and good conversation.  I don’t see a better way to spend a Friday night then to Fondue it up! To celebrate, Emmi Roth USA, whose Original Cheese Fondue is made using the traditional Swiss recipe,  is sharing the must-know fon-DO’s of fondue – everything from how to treat the host to tips for when you dip – along with some other touches of etiquette that sometimes get lost in translation. Mind Your Manners The … Continue reading

#SCBDReview: .@LangostaLounge–Back from Superstorm Sandy

  It was a dark and stormy night. Truly it was. This winter just wouldn’t let up on us down the Jersey Shore. And so it was on a dark, rainy night with impending snow that Sara and I went to visit the Langosta Lounge. Arriving at the entrance right on the Boardwalk in Asbury Park is pretty cool even in the nastiest of weather. A weeknight in bad weather in the winter, we were lucky enough to snag a table with a view of the Boardwalk and ocean. But the place filled up shortly after we were seated. What a … Continue reading

#SCBDReview: #Health and #Fitness: Pig Board Snout A Pig Game

  Are you looking for a game that involves health, fitness & fun? Well, you should check out Pig Board Snout A Pig. Stephanie Lough, the publicist for this popular game says, “The key to the game is turning negative thoughts and feelings into positive action. The game is simple – players take a picture of something that represents an issue they are battling in life (be it a photo of their favorite dessert, to an ex that they never got closure on, the theme is entirely customizable to the group!), and share with the group their lingering negative feelings. … Continue reading

#SCBDEventRecap: The Great Jersey Shore Burger Contest

This is the 2nd event for April’s Jersey Shore Restaurant Week. If you’ve wondered about going, stop wondering and go next season. This is a day of fun and food. Isn’t that what the Jersey Shore is all about? This is hosted by Bar A in Belmar. For $30 there were many burgers and these cute little tasting mugs for beer. The beer was Jersey Shore’s very own Beach Haus. There was an IPA and a Pilsner. It’s got me hooked on the IPA. Bold, yet satisfying. And did I say great with burgers? A shout out here to Julie the … Continue reading

#SCBDReview: BirchBox Monthly Review: March

March included two sunscreen type products, which bummed me out because I couldn’t try it out on a summer day. For the most part this month was good. For the first product, I used the Face Coola mineral sunscreen. I did not get to use it out on a beachy sunny day, but I did try it on my face to see how it felt and reacted to my sensitive skin. It went on very smooth and was light. Since it is tinted (and has an SPF of 30) it is a great alternative to a lotion and foundation, it … Continue reading

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