#SCBDFashion: Looking Fab in .@JCrew this #Spring!


photo 3

Retail therapy has kind of been my thing lately when I’m not eating my amazing meals. If you follow my personal Instagram page lately you’ll see some of the outfits I’ve found. Last weekend, I went to the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets with fellow team member, Lauren Emerick. We walked into the J.Crew Factory Store and I loved a ton of their clothes for the spring. This is just one outfit that I found for a great deal, for about $60.00 in total.

photo 1

My hot buys from J.Crew (shown above) were this haute sweater dress which I got for a hot deal of $40. It was right next to these sleek, black leggings that also looked incredibly comfy so I got them to go with it! It’s such a cute, comfortable, and professional outfit that you can rock at work, at home

or even at an event! Of course, I made sure I wore my favorite Ruby lipgloss by Smashbox Cosmetics with it! I highly recommend pairing any Smashbox (camera ready) lipgloss or lipsticks with outfits!

photo (1)

Here’s to looking good, feeling good…and enjoying a great deal!

#SCBDExclusive: #Interview with Tom Long, founder of @ElectricSexLLC #ESC


unnamed (1)

Here at #SCBD we are always on the look out for the hottest clothing lines and up and coming trends. I came across Electric Sex Clothing about a year ago on Instagram and had the opportunity to meet the owner, Tom this year. I love how original and unique the clothing line is. Check out my interview with Tom and get the lowdown on #ESC below…

SCBD: How long has Electric Sex Clothing be around?

TL: ESC has been a brand since 2007, unofficially; but it became an LLC in 2009. I started the brand with a friend of mine when I lived in Seattle, Washington. I decided to move to NYC to pursue the brand by myself. I started out printing my own tees in a small 9’x12’ apartment in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. To this day ESC is still 100% independent and run solely by me; with the help of some talented freelance artists that aid in bringing some of my design concepts to life.

SCBD:  How did you come up with the idea for the company?

TL: I worked at Urban Outfitters in Downtown Seattle during the Holiday season of 2006 when the idea of starting a clothing company came up.

SCBD: When and where you when you came up with it?

TL: I and my buddy, Brian Raquipiso, were folding tees during a late night close, when we decided we should start a brand and spit balled ideas for a name. We came up with Electric Sex since it was almost Christmas, and one of the all-time favorite Christmas flicks was about to be on repeat for 24 hours. If you have no idea what I am talking about, the name is taken from a line in “A Christmas Story,” during the scene where Ralphie’s dad puts his “Major Award” in the window. “Only one thing in the world could’ve dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.”


SCBD: What’s one of your favorite designs?

TL: My favorite design out of all the ones we’ve released thus far is Sanitize NYC. It’s the modified DSNY logo with the words “KEEP NEW YORK CITY FILTHY” stacked below on a green tee/crewneck. We received a “Cease and Desist” letter from NYC telling us we couldn’t sell it anymore. A complete bummer, but it was already on its second printing by that point so we didn’t really miss out on sales. It was great to know we reached a level of recognition where the City felt threatened by us enough to get a lawyer involved.

SCBD: What shirt has sold the most so far?

TL: The Sanitize NYC and Emerald City designs were our top sellers in the history of the brand.

SCBD: What do you like about being a young entrepreneur?

TL: I learned a lot in college majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design, and graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. I’ve worked retail management for a few years now, learning the ins and outs of the Apparel Business. I learned the right way, and the wrong ways to run a business from working with smaller independent brands. Being a younger entrepreneur has afforded me the ability to make mistakes and learn from them, while I was working a full time job. If I would’ve quit working, and focused on the brand full time, the first failure might’ve been the end of the brand.

©Luna Azul Photography

SCBD: Where do you see the clothing line in ten years?

TL: I plan on opening my own clothing/sneaker boutique that caters to individuals that want the best that independent fashion has to offer. I want Electric Sex to be a part of that experience.

SCBD: What’s one thing about ESC that SCBD readers should know?

TL: I feel like this day and age anyone can start up a clothing brand. All you need is some really solid ideas and a strong work ethic. Do what you love, and if you believe in it…others will do the same. Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what sells and copy others…just focus on what you love, and be creative. Make your own path.

SCBD: What’s a motto you live by?

TL: Rise Above. Stand Alone. I feel that basically speaks for itself.

unnamed (3)

Like what you see? Check out ESC’s website, here.

#SCBDExclusive: .@JustSalad Celebrates Grand Opening in #NJ





Just Salad, the New York City eco-friendly salad bar chain, has begun its tri-state expansion with the opening of their first store in New Jersey. The official grand opening is slated for this Saturday, March 29th, with a ribbon cutting ceremony by Mayor Vergano of Wayne, NJ. Customers can indulge in FREE salad and bowl from 12-2pm and 6-8pm and a 50% off on your purchase during all other time frames.
With the opening of their Upper East Side location earlier this week, the Wayne, NJ store is the second of the five new Just locations rolling out this spring. These new locations are perfectly timed with the launch of their new Spring Salad menu and their VIP BLUE BOWL!

Just Salad has developed a strong reputation of serving fresh, healthy, great tasting food in a fast, fun and responsible way for value prices! The new location is at 28 Willowbrook Blvd Wayne, NJ.

#SCBDReview: Delish Dinner .@KenAndCook!




On 19 Kenmare Street, in downtown New York lies a little hidden gem of a restaurant called Ken & Cook. Ken & Cook serves American cuisine with a delicious flare. The restaurant has a full bar, and even better a raw bar.


From the bar there is a refreshing cocktail menu. My favorite was the Nolitas Tea made with Avion Tequilla, green tea, cucumber puree, agave, and lime juice. You can get Happy Hour specials not only on drinks, but also on oysters, clams, and mussels. With five different types of oysters to choose from (the Naked Cowboy, Blue Island, Kusshi, Kumamoto, or Malpeque) it can be overwhelming to pick one, luckily all the waiters are extremely knowledgeable and can explain to you which is best for you!

photo 3

Moving onto appetizers there is a selection of anything from kale to beef tartare. The Burrata was one of the best Burratas’s I have ever tasted. The fresh ball of mozzarella was served over arugula and champagne vinaigrette with tomatoes. The Burrata paired perfectly with the fresh baked baguettes that are brought to the table.


For the main course if you are looking for comfort food, the fried chicken is the best option. It was an amazing take on a classic American dish. The dish came with three large pieces of chicken fried perfectly you could hear the crisp when you bit into it. The chicken was served with a side of biscuits drizzled in honey and a side of a sweet honey Dijon type mustard.


After my main course I was stuffed but how could anyone ever pass up a desert? Especially a chocolate cake served with a salted ice cream, and accompanied with a cappuccino. If you are looking for a great spot to grab a bite downtown Ken & Cook will not disappoint!

SCBD’s POV: You don’t normally find me downtown, specifically in Nolita when I’m in Manhattan lately. But Ken & Cook is most definitely my new exception. As Christina mentioned, they serve American comfort food with a flair. Christina and I were welcomed warmly when we came in and sat right near the window. I loved the cocktail menu, it was short and sweet but still hard to decide what to drink.

photo 1


IMG_3824photo 4

I started with the Lady Marmalade that had house made bourbon, vanilla, fresh lemon juice, angosta and orange marmalade. It was wickedly delicious and a great way to start a meal. Next, came out our burrata which was delicious and some of the best burrata I’ve had. It melted in your mouth and was perfect. I had a hankering for some oysters and saw they were in the happy hour menu too so we tried them. They had a wonderful selection and they tasted delish!

photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1)

Next, came out our entrees. Christina got the Fried Chicken was crispy and cooked perfectly. I got the Pan  Roasted Duck Breast which was great and served with a sweet potato puree. I don’t think I’ve ever ate so fast. Last, came out coffee and dessert, we were so full but it was worth eating! If you haven’t been to Ken & Cook, I highly recommend it, the food and service are noteworthy! Cheers!


#SCBDExclusive: @Spafinder Twitter Party and Pritkin Longevity Twitter Party

The #SCBDTeam is getting ready for
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the Spafinder Wellness 365 & Pritikin Longevity Twitter Party on March 14th from 1-2pm EST! Join us for healthy tips on weight loss, how to tone up, and ask questions to find out why you may be losing the “diet game”!

Come help us in an exclusive virtual opportunity to play your best #DietGame! Find out smart and savvy tips and tricks for your most successful weight loss goals!

Be sure to follow @Spafinder and @PritikinCenter before Friday so you can tag them with your questions along with the #Dietgame! See you there!

#SCBDReview: The Amen Way to a Mental & Physical strong way of Life- Amenzone Fitness




A professional Fitness trainer, founder of Amenzone Fitness and foundation, motivational speaker, and soon-to-be published writer, Amen Iseghohi, launched a series of fitness DVD’s called ‘Amenzone Rebel’ and ‘Amenzone Rebel Xtreme’.I am happy to have the opportunity to try some of these workouts out! Amenzone was created as a foundation and fitness program. Amen’s motivation and determination came from when he was younger; he remembered visiting his Grandmother at the age of 8 in West Africa. While there he learned and was introduced to the simplicity of movement, through workouts, dance, and even normal movements.  (http://www.amenzone.com/) He then took these movements and created his Amenzone Movement. Now he put it together for people to do at home by creating this movement into a fitness program, now DVD program, and a foundation to help fight against childhood obesity and self-esteem issues. This organization is known as Amenzone PE Foundation.  This is a non-profit organization and proceeds from the sales goes towards this great foundation.

The best part of all of these fitness programs within Amenzone is that the programs don’t focus just on your body, but also is put together to include the entire body. It works with inspirational and self-improvement. “Amenzone Rebel fitness program is not just about achieving physical fitness, but more about achieving both physical and mental wellness. “ (amenzone.com)

This workout on the DVD is for anyone at any level.  It goes through a full body workout, mixed with high intensity, and motivational and creative ways to interact and learn. You feel an improvement right away, at least I did. I felt more motivation to push myself harder and not to be a bystander. He quotes throughout the video by saying ‘You are either in or out, this is not a Spectator Sport”. And this simple quote seams very obvious, but when he says it the words help to have you push yourself harder. Put your whole self in the workout, commit 110%. Throughout the DVD, all the quotes are fabulous and really get your mind thinking in a way to help you work out. Strength is important in working out, but mental is also just as important. If you have no motivation or drive to work out, you are not going to get far on your journey. You feel yourself become stronger as you do the workout more and more, stronger mentally and physically. It is a new way to move and workout.

Amen goes by the quote of “Training for Life,” which means you are preparing yourself for life, not just a work out and to look good, but internal. Giving you a drive and reason to be healthy and change your lifestyle.

The first DVD is Amenzone Rebel; it is a 40 minute beginner workout. This uses no weights, just yourself and own body weight. The second DVD, Amenzone Rebel Xtreme is a more high intense workout that helps challenge your to the next level.

Both can be combined with Amenzone’s Tire, or any weight or object you have available to you that is safe to use. The prices of the DVD’s are also super affordable! They go for $9.95 each and can be purchased online at www.amenzonedvd.com.

Now it is my turn to try it out, I will be doing the Amenzone Rebel workout from DVD one first then the Amenzone Rebel Xtreme.  My first reaction when the work out was that it is a hard workout! I loved it. Throughout the video they offer an easier option or an option without the Rebel workout Tire. I did not have the tire, so I used a Bosu ball instead. I incorporated lifting and doing pushups and various workouts with the Bosu Ball. Some things I still could not do, so I followed the people without it on the DVD. He is great with motivating you to push yourself and says some great quotes throughout the video. My favorite quote is “This is not a spectator Sport”. I loved this one because it is true, don’t just stand back and watch, keep moving and motivate yourself to not stop until the end of the workout. He has you always moving, which is fabulous!

amenzone dvd 1 workout


During this DVD, as I said I used the Bosu Ball to do some workouts. I have some pictures of myself in a few poses with how I used the Bosu during the DVD below.

This workout is fabulous. I loved doing this workout, and as the workouts went on I could push myself harder during each move. I loved it and do want to share my joy with how much strength I am gaining by doing it. The first session I did have to really push myself, but now I know what to expect, which I love because I can now push myself even harder during certain spots. I highly recommend this DVD, and the second one!

The second DVD, Amenzone Rebel Xtreme, is harder than the first one. It adds in more cardio and harder moves. More great quotes throughout this DVD and new moves that come together to be a harder and effective workout routine. I equally love both DVD’s and the good thing about it if I do another workout and a DVD I stick to the first one, if I want a harder workout not combined with another workout, I stick to DVD 2. Either way, you are going to get a really good workout and gain strength mentally and physically while doing so.

Amenzone Rebel Xtreme’s workouts are harder, but I was still able to incorporate the Bosu ball as part of the workout.

Here is a list of the workouts and what I used the Bosu with.


amenzone dvd 2 workout

As part of the DVD, there is an option to take a Grit test. It is a short test that acts as a guideline of how much muscle or strength and endurance you gain. They recommend you take this test every four weeks or so.  This is an awesome way to keep track of your strength throughout the process or just in general of your workouts. A scale does not always measure if you lost weight or gained muscle, most scales don’t differentiate between the two. So this allows you to actually feel and see the difference by completing this test every four weeks. The test is as follows:

1 minute Push-ups

1 minute Squat Jumps

1 minute Core Sit-Ups

The goal is to see how many of each you can do in the one minute allotted time. Then you add up the reps of all three. That total is your Grit Number. As an example, I did 20 pushups, 50 Squats, and 20 Core sit ups. My Grit number is 90. This was the first day I did the workout and test.

As a final note I would like to quote Amenzone Fitness “Movement is Life. Mind and Body are one.”

        'tire' bosu swing step 1 'tire' bosu swing step 2 plank on bosuCrunch step 1Crunch step 2Lunge with bosu

These are pictures of me using the bosu ball instead of the tire with some of the workout. Enjoy and be safe. 

For more information about Amenzone Foundation, please visit www.amenzonefoundation.org




#SCBDReview: In Heaven at Veggie Heaven in Denville, NJ



Picture 1 (1)

I decided to try this restaurant I pass by all the time in Denville, NJ. It is called Veggie heaven. It is a 100% natural vegetarian cuisine restaurant. They pride themselves to being super healthy and vegetarian. They cook with pure olive oil and other healthy oils that all have positive nutritional value. They are an Asian inspired place as well. They create their dishes with vegetables and vegetable derivatives. They even quote on their menu that “our ‘meat’, ‘poultry’, and ‘seafood’ are made from ingenious blends of bean curd, taro root, wheat gluten, mushrooms, yams, and other vegetables.”

They are located right on the main street in the center of Denville. They start out by giving you water and a dish of a cabbage mix. It was sweet and so tasty. A great start to the meal.

Picture 2 (1)

For my meal I decided to go with a lunch special. It costs $6.95 and included a choice of soup or spring roll. The main dish had a choice of white or brown rice. I decided to start with the spring roll. It came with sweet and sour sauce to dip it in. The taste was so fresh. It was delicious and honestly was the best spring roll I have ever had. The crust was flakey but not super oily.

Picture 3 (1)

For the main dish I ordered the sweet and sour ‘chicken’ with brown rice.

Picture 4 (1)

This was outstanding. I asked if it was fried, and she said it is lightly but can be cooked without it being friend, so I took that option. Everything was delicious. The rice was soft and good, it came with broccoli and mushrooms. These were soft and fresh. The sauce I got medium spice, it was the right amount of kick to enjoy. The ‘chicken’ was delicious. It was better than chicken, it was full of flavor and was a cool consistency. It was soft but not too soft. It had a consistency similar to tofu, but more hard. It was outstanding. I even had a little left over that I brought home. It was a good portion for lunch!

I also ordered the house tea. They do have other flavors but I was unaware of this when I ordered. It was similar to Chinese tea but not as strong. It was a delicious combination to accompany my meal. This was also no additional fee for the tea.

Picture 5 (1)

The meal finished with the bill and a fortune cookie. I love finishing my tea with a fortune cookie; the combination of the two is delightful. My fortune cookie read ‘solid gains are possible today, but with a headache.’ I can relate to this. It has been a long day, but one where I accomplished a lot of difficult things. I love fortunes.

Finally my bill was under $10, it cost $7.44 with tax. Then I left a tip on top of that. It was a great deal for some amazing food. Even the average meat lover would love this place. I love a good steak, chicken, or pork dinner, but this place is outstanding no matter what type of eater you are.

I rate this place an A plus. Service was outstanding and alert, really friendly too. The food is beyond outstanding and the atmosphere is so relaxing and pleasant, it is like a getaway. Please try this place, a must go in Denville.




They do have other independently owned locations, listed below.

Veggie Heaven Teaneck: www.veggieheaventeaneck.com

Veggie Heaven Montclair: www.veggieheavenmontclair.com

Veggie Heaven New City: www.veggieheavennewcity.com

#SCBDReview: @PyureSweet Five Natural Ways to Beat a Mid-Afternoon Slump


There are a ton of energy drinks, shots, and tips on how to beat a mid-afternoon slump. I have tried many things to help uplift me during a long work day. One thing I did try was Pyure O.E.O, a zero-calorie organic energy shot that is full of vitamins and nutrients. It is not like the sugary ones out of the market, but instead is powered with green tea, yerba mate, and guarana and sweetened with stevia. Pyure is a company that produces and sells stevia sweetener. It is all natural and much better than white sugar.


I tried two flavors; they were Citrus and Mixed Berry. The first one was not my favorite flavor, but it did work well. It is a small shot, so you don’t have to worry about drinking a full can or bottle of it. The second flavor, the mixed berry, was much better tasting in my opinion. I really enjoyed this one, it still has a distinct flavor to it, but it is enjoyable! I would recommend trying both flavors, I am more of a sweet berry person!

Try these five tips to energize and refresh your day when you hit that wall half way through the day!

Pyure 5 ways to help afternoon slump

As another recommendation, you can add these to a smoothie! I decided to add the Mixed berry to a smoothie I made to give me an extra lift that morning. I added one bottle of the Mixed Berry Pyure O.E.O, one banana, Kale, strawberries, 1 container of yogurt, ice, apple and blueberries. It added a great kick-start to my morning.


*Disclaimer: The PR team sent me this product. I was not required to write about these experiences and my opinions are my own and unbiased.*

#SCBDGETReview: .@GoodEarthTea’s #CitrusKiss — Ideal for #IcedTea




Hey readers!

In case you didn’t know, January is National Hot Tea Month! I’m also happy to announce that some of the #SCBDTeam & I teamed up with Good Earth Tea to bring you reviews of some of their teas. The team members who decided to participate and I each got a sent a pack of tea to try and review. These teas ranged from chai

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tea to green tea.


One of my favorite things about Good Earth Tea is that they always have really great motivating quotes on all their tea packets.


I was sent this delicious Citrus Kiss tea, its a green tea with an acquired taste. It’s pretty sweet but has tons of flavor since it has lemongrass in it. It tastes good hot but I definitely recommend it iced. I am always thinking of new cocktails to mix with different products or even putting my favorite spirits together with different mixers.

So without further adieu, here’s a new recipe I came up with myself…

Acai Iced Citrus Kiss Tea

Acai Iced Citrus Kiss Tea

Acai Iced Citrus Kiss Tea


Iced Tea in the making

Iced Tea in the making


(Step 1) Iced Tea: Pour approximately 16 oz of water in a container (I used a mason jar), add the tea bag and move it around for a few seconds so it hits all the water. Once your happy and see it start to steep, let it sit for an hour and chill in the fridge. Voila, you have iced green tea!

(Step 2) Make it into a cocktail: In a separate glass put in a few iced cubes, pour in some of your tea and mix, then enjoy!

Acai Iced Citrus Kiss Tea

Acai Iced Citrus Kiss Tea

It tastes delicious, I’d also like to see how it tastes with fresh lemonade mixed in it because it would balance how sweet it is with the tartness of it and complement the lemongrass!

Hope you enjoy our reviews and find your new favorite tea!





#SCBDRecipe: Welcome the #weekend with #HerculesPunch




Almost two weekends ago, a very bad storm hit NJ, Hercules. It was a pretty bad storm and I was stuck working from home all day. Luckily by the time 5 o clock came around it was safe enough for me to escape my cabin fever and hang out with my good friends and members of the #SCBDTeam, Stephanie and Eric who were staying the next town over.


Our hanging out is not complete without curating or enjoying a drink or two. I decided to bring my juicer so we could make fresh lemonade or orange juice to complement our cocktail or cocktails. What we came up with is, what we’d like to call Hercules Punch.


Hercules Punch


  •  1 cup Fresh Lemonade
  • 1  cup Goya Mango Juice
  • 2 shots VeeV acai spirit
  • 3 shots Mailbu
  • Simple syrup
  • Ice
  • 1 shot Piedra Azul reposado Tequila (to top it off)


  1. In a pitcher mix fresh lemonade, mango juice, Veev, Malibu, and simple syrup.
  2. In a glass pour ice and shot of tequila
  3. Top it off with punch and enjoy!

Have a great punch recipe? Feel free to share it with us below or tweet us! Don’t forget to let us know if you try Hercules and what you think!

Cheers friends! :)


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