#SCBDEventRecap: #SCBDTeam takes Pizza Making Class at .@MilliesOldWorld



Recently, the SCBD Team attended a pizza making class at Morristown, New Jersey’s own Millie’s Old World Meatballs and Pizza. Millie’s is a family style restaurant that was first opened by two brothers in honor of their grandmother and boasts an extensive menu of authentic Italian cuisine prepared in wood-fire and coal-burning ovens. Read what the team had to say about Millie’s, but be warned: your taste buds will soon be screaming for a taste of Millie’s dinner menu!

Being founder & Editor-in-chief of SCBD, I am always happy and love to give my team and I awesome experiences that we all love, whether it be a food and beverage adventure, fitness, etc! I came across Millie’s this summer when Jason & I were walking through Morristown looking for a place to have dinner. We didn’t want to go to a place we ate at before and Millie’s looked interesting, and we really liked the menu. We had a superb experience that time we went so once I saw Millie’s offered pizza making classes I knew the SCBD Team and I had to check it out and fill you in on the amazing experience.

Mind you, I was jetlagged that day due to work travel the week before and I had a great time and tried not to let it get in my way. Our instructor was the executive chef, Pete. He gave us the basics on the pizza dough, showed us how to properly roll it and last, create and cook our pizzas. We were treated to lunch filled with Millie’s specialties from their vodka and marinara meatballs, signature salads, prosciutto and handmade mozzarella and more. They also provided us with their variety of fountain drinks and they had ice for us to put our wine in.  I would recommend this to any foodie who wants to have a fun party or celebration, you learn a lot about pizza making and get to enjoy the great food serve.
 - Sara Monica, The Small Chick

photo 4photo 1 (1)20140125_134936

This Small Chick, Big Deals team event was a Pizza Making Event, and I do recommend doing this with your friends or family. We were taught how to properly roll out the dough, some history of the restaurant, and the options of pizza we have. Then, our instructor explained all the choices of toppings, cheese, and sauces we could use. They had a ton of choices. I couldn’t choose just one, so I split my pizza into three sections. The first two sections I put red sauce and a white pizza base with a vegetable mix (which included eggplant, peppers, artichokes, zucchini, and mushrooms,) and I topped it with basil. The final section was a white truffle cream and Prosciutto. Once the toppings were on it, we had the chef take the pizza and cook it. It took less than 90 seconds to bake! Then it was done. I loved all three types, but my absolute favorite was the Truffle cream and Prosciutto.

photo 1 (7)

Once we got back to the table, we had meatballs waiting for us in two different sauces: Vodka and Marinara. We also had two salads, the Arcadian Salad (which had candied walnuts, gorgonzola with apple smoked bacon in an apricot vinaigrette) and an Antipasto Salad. Everything was so good, the meatballs were so big and tasted so fresh. I couldn’t choose which sauce I liked better, both were so tasty. -Kristen Heard 

My first time at Millie’s was definitely a memorable one. Pete, our instructor, was very friendly and patient with us pizza novices, and I really enjoyed learning about what it takes to make some delicious pizza. I loved how hands-on the experience was and that we could make mistakes and Pete was there to help us get it right. The best part was being able to be behind the counter and make my pizza just like the employees do. Watching the process while dining is one thing but to be a part of it was fun and exciting. The sauces and toppings to choose from were delicious from freshly made mozzarella to a truffle sauce, (what?!) which were both absolutely amazing on my pizza. After making our pizzas we came back to a table full of meatballs, salads, fresh mozzarella and prosciutto as well as an antipasto. We ended the meal with a Nutella pie which was the cherry on top of a delicious meal. I highly recommend going to Millie’s for some amazing food and a friendly staff. I will definitely go back for more deliciousness! -Kristen Lefkus 

image (1)image (2)image

If you have a chance to take one of Millie’s Worlds Pizza making classes, it is definitely a must do! Not only do you get to make your own pizza, you also get to eat it along with learning some cool facts about Millie’s Restaurant. While attending this class, I learned about two different kinds of ovens they use for their pizza making: coal-fired and wood-fired, each adding a little different touch. Peter the Chef at Millie’s teaches the class and gives hands on instructions of how to properly roll, flatten and prepare your pizza. Next, we went over to the kitchen where we were able to get creative with as many toppings and sauces as we would like. Since I couldn’t choose just one, I made four different slices in one! Our pizzas were cooking in the wood-fired oven, which bakes at 900 degrees and is finished in a matter of 90 seconds. When our pizza was finished we got to try some of their antipasti salads and their fresh mozzarella platter with prosciutto. We also had their famous meatballs! This recipe was passed down by the owner’s grandmother. You have a choice of marinara meatballs or meatballs with vodka sauce. Everything was to die for at Millie’s, but my absolute favorite was the Nutella pie for dessert which is topped with fresh cannoli cream. My experience at Millie’s was so good, I was back the next week for more! -Jessica Danto 

photo 2

Despite running late due to a “light dusting” of snow, I had a really awesome experience at Millie’s Old World Meatballs and Pizza. I walked in to a table full of beautiful salads, mozzarella cheese platters, and meatballs. I started with a plate of the arugula salad and some homemade mozzarella. The salad worked so well together, especially with the prosciutto-wrapped breadsticks. I tried the arcadian mix salad next and was equally impressed; however, the star of the dish was the applewood smoked bacon. The strips were thick and crispy, with a really deep smoky flavor. The mozzarella was creamy and incredibly fresh. There is a huge difference between mozzarella made in house and mozzarella that is brought in. Because I was late, my pizza lesson was a private lesson. I went into the kitchen prepared to show off my pizza-making abilities only to find that Neapolitan pizza is very unique. After a valiant first attempt at stretching the dough, I was ready to top my pizza. I decided to make a ½ margherita, ½ Helena pizza. I topped the margherita side with fresh basil, homemade mozzarella, tomato sauce, and sprinkled it with parmigiano reggiano. The Helena side was my own creation of white truffle cream sauce, broccoli rabe, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, and diced onion. The pizza was so light and crispy and restored my confidence in my pizza craftsmanship. For dessert, we had nutella pizza with scoops of cannoli filling on each slice. Pizza, nutella, and cannoli: there is so much beauty in this world. I am so glad that we had this experience as a team, and I will definitely be back soon. -Helena Riede

I am so pleased that I was able to take part in the experience of learning how to make wood-fire pizza at Millie’s Old World Meatballs & Pizza. Chef Peter and the staff provided a fun and interactive class for our group. What made the class special was learning the background and technique of what makes Millie’s pizza dough so unique. Chef Peter exudes passion for everything from the fresh and homemade ingredients down to the final product. This really shone through in his teachings and demonstrations. Savoring our homemade pizzas paired with some other house specialties that Millie’s shared with the group was the perfect end to a great afternoon. Millie’s Old World Meatballs & Pizza will definitely become a regular in my restaurant rotation!  -Missy Somers

photo 5 (3)

The Wood Fire Pizza Making Class is new to Millie’s. It is around $25 per person (tax & tip not included) and involves you making your own pizza, meatballs & salad for the table. Contact 973.267.9616 or email events@milliesoldworld.com for more information or about having your own event or private party!

#SCBDRecipe: Grilled Pizza

scbdrecipeI’m sure I have made it pretty clear by now, in my What’s New This Week features, that I am a pizza freak. I can’t get enough. Ever. So, obviously I was excited to try my hand at grilled pizza.

My and the bf haven’t attempted to make our own dough yet so we have been using pre-made Boboli crust when we grill these pies, and it has been great every time! They cook quickly and have just the perfect crisp that I love in a pizza crust.


This pizza was simple, quick, easy and TASTY!

Red Pizza Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese
Italian Seasoning
Crushed Red Pepper

Instructions: { do you really need them? ;) }
Spread pizza sauce on dough.
Sprinkled a little crumbled bacon all over.
Spread shredded mozzarella cheese.
Add toppings.
I added the Italian seasoning and crushed red pepper last but wished I would have remembered to add the Italian seasoning before I added the cheese, even though it probably doesn’t make a difference.

Put the pie on the grill and cook to your liking and dig in!

{Mine looked a bit burnt on the bottom but it was actually perfect!}

#SCBDRecipe: Cookie Cutter Pizzas-Prosciutto, Bleu Cheese and Caramelized Pear



The holidays are here and that means cocktail party season! Most gatherings during this time of year feature an array of appetizers for guests to indulge. I know I personally throw a Christmas Fundraiser every year and I am always looking for new fun, tasty, and festive ideas  to cook up for the event.


The recipe I’m sharing in this post will be the perfect party pleaser for your holiday event. These mini pizzas are easy and yet they have a touch of elegance to impress your guests with gourmet ingredients like caramelized pears, bleu cheese, and prosciutto. The best part: they can easily be changed to fit any party theme!


My post highlights my trial run on this recipe for this year’s Christmas Party and they turned out delicious. (Just asked my neighbor-I let her taste test with me!) They will definitely be part of this year’s spread!


Cookie Cutter Pizzas-Prosciutto, Bleu Cheese and Caramelized Pear


Special Tools Needed:

rolling pin

cookie cutters of your choice (I used Christmas ones to fit my party theme)

pizza stone (if you have one-not required.  I just prefer to use a pizza stone)



1 package of pre-made pizza dough (I used Trader Joes Plain Dough)

1 pear-sliced thin

5 oz fontina cheese-grated

5 oz crumbled blue cheese

2 slices of prosciutto-cut into 1 inch pieces

2 garlic cloves-minced

2 shallots-sliced

2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp brown sugar (I used light brown sugar)

2 tbsp olive oil

Dash each of salt and nutmeg

Cooking Spray



Preheat oven to 400 degrees (If you are using a pizza stone make sure you place this oven while the oven pre-heats).  Let the dough sit at room temperature for 15-20 minutes before rolling out.


Meanwhile, add the 2 tablespoons of butter and 1 of your tablespoons of olive oil in a medium pan over medium-low heat.  Once the butter is melted and just slightly bubbling add the pears, salt and nutmeg to the pan. Cover and let simmer for about 15 minutes. Then stir in the brown sugar, cover again and heat for another 5-10 minutes (Cook until sauce has thickened). Once done, remove pears from heat and put aside for later use.

The pears while caramelizing

The pears while caramelizing


In another small pan heat the reaming tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat. Add the sliced shallots and let cook for 1-2 minutes until they begin to turn opaque. Add the minced garlic for another minute or two. Remove from heat and put aside until ready to top your pizzas.

Roll out you pizza dough (Does not have to be in a circle since we will be using cookie cutters) to desired thickness.

I will admit that I did not roll out the dough as thin as I would have liked for this first go around. They were more like mini pan pizzas (Not what I was going for but still just as tasty).


Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes with the dough. Once you have cut all that you can with your first roll out, take the scraps and roll back out again to cut out more shapes. Repeat the process until there is no dough left to use. (I was able to get 7 out of mine-but as I mentioned I would have liked my dough a little thinner).

Cutting the dough into festive shapes

Cutting the dough into festive shapes

Spray each dough cut-out with thin layer of cooking spray. Then layer each pizza with fontina cheese followed by the pears, shallots and garlic, prosciutto and finally top each off with the blue cheese.

All ready to bake on the pizza stone

All ready to bake on the pizza stone

Using a spatula, transfer each pizza to your warmed pizza stone or onto a slightly greased cooking pan. Cook for 17-23 minutes (Depending on the thickness of your dough) until the dough is golden brown and cheese is melted.


Your pizzas are now ready for your holiday crowd! Enjoy!

The final delicious product

The final delicious product



#SCBDReview: River Rock Rockin Again

scbdreviewphoto 1-1
River Rock, Rockin’ again

One of my favorite places to go has always been the River Rock. I was just thrilled when they added the very large outside deck. Now, I don’t just get to peer at the Manasquan River rushing by, I could see it up close and smell it as well. Ahhh, I took the family there for rejuvenation after Hurricane Irene. It was one of the first places up and running, and wow did WE appreciate that. Sadly, it was just decimated by Super Storm Sandy. Water, water, everywhere. It took months of hard work for them to get it up and running again. I would watch the papers, Facebook and drive by often when I was in the area. I was so pleased when they were back in business for the summer. Somehow, though, I did not get there.

NJ summer may have ended, but local summer is still here. Last night we went back to River Rock. It was packed!!! The hostess was wonderful, told us about a 30 minute wait for a table for 2. We asked if it would be less if we ate outside and she told us, there were 3 big private parties and we could get a spot at the pizza bar right away. What the heck, it smelled awesome, so we said yes. The hostess sent a very attentive waitress our way, Brittany. Even though it wasn’t her station, she was attentive to us the whole time. All the waitresses and waiters seemed to be friendly and enjoying their work as well. I don’t know about you, but that makes for an atmosphere I like to be in. The pizza bar wasn’t really set up for many people to sit around, really set up for many people to sit around, so the waitresses were folding utensils into napkins and picking up pizzas at the end of it. As a Small Chick Big Deals writer, that gave me the opportunity to ask a few more questions. Our waitress asked us right away if we wanted a drink. Lots of fun ones were on the menu and always the traditional ones available. I had a Cosmopolitan and it was perfect. Yup, perfect. My companion tried the Applesauce cocktail and, yup, tasted like applesauce. A little too sweet for me, but yummy.

photo 4

We have friends whose bands play there, like The NOBS, and I wanted to know if this packed night was the norm. The other waitress smiled and told me that there was a high school reunion going on in the main dining room that was closed off. Nice idea if you want something private here and still have that awesome river view. She also pointed to a party in 3 other areas. Each one was marked off with balloons. I do not know if the balloons were put there by the party goers, but each one had balloons. Easy for partiers to find the right party, I suppose.

photo 3
Little did we know we were in for some entertainment with our food. The pizza guys, Matteo and Nicolas worked in a rhythm that was entertaining to watch and delicious to eat. This coal burning pizza oven is a new addition to River Rock and a big hit! We wound up getting the meat lovers pie and did it some damage. Every bite better than the next. The quality of the meats stood out. No fat, no gristle. We are talking crispy bacon crumbled, sausage crumbled, pepperoni and sliced ham. We also ordered some boneless wings; they come with a number of choices of sauces. We picked the garlic parmesan, but had absolutely no room and took them home. We saw many entrees coming out with beautiful presentations. I know I am going back and will have to try something else, but that pizza was sooooo good, it’s gonna be a tough sell, but hey, that’s part of the job for a Small Chick Big Deals writer, isn’t it?

photo 2-1

River Rock Restaurant and Marina Bar
1600 Route 70W
Brick, NJ

#SCBD takes on City Pizza Overnight!

There is nothing like a good piece of New York pizza. If you’ve seen Elizabeth‘s and Lauren‘s posts, you know that the SCBD team are always up for a good slice. Almost two weeks ago, on a Friday morning in my case I got my four pies delivered to my apartment from City Pizza Overnight. Unlike Lauren & Elizabeth I did not get any gluten-free pizzas but got to try a veggie thin crust, regular veggie, plain, and pepperoni!

overnigth pizza

I was actually in the middle of cooking a late breakfast when mine were delivered so I decided why not just eat lunch so I popped in the plain pizza and put the rest in the freezer to eat over the weekend and the following week. It was incredibly easy to make, unwrap it, keep the cardboard circle (I almost didn’t but you can put it on it to serve after), pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees and once its ready, put the pizza in for 6-7 minutes. It was delicious and definitely some of the closest to New York style pizza I’ve tasted being it was shipped form Chicago!


That night I decided to see if my roommate Leah was interested in having one of the pizzas so we got some beer and had a pizza party. We decided to eat some of the plain I had leftover and to try one of the veggie pies. We loved how full of veggies the pie was and the plain was great reheated in the oven again.


To end the weekend, we decided to put in the pepperoni pie. My boyfriend was over so between the three of us — the pie was finished in no time. I loved how covered in peperoni it was and the thin crust was perfect. FYI: Thin crust is my favorite.

I’d highly recommend City Pizza Overnight for your next party because you get 3 pies sent to your doorstep and it’s definitely worth the money. Also, if you live far from the city and have never had New York style pizza, this is the perfect opportunity to try it! The ordering process is easy and user friendly and the owner, Adam is always giving the utmost customer support if you have any questions.

Happy Eating! :D

Sara SCBD Logo Edited

Elizabeth’s City Pizza Overnight Review


Last Thursday I placed my order for pizza delivery from City Pizza Overnight- and Friday afternoon, as promised, I came home to a huge, brown box at my doorstep.  City Pizza Overnight is a Chicago-based company that specializes in NYC-style pizza delivered overnight. It comes to you cooled and packed in ice, ready to crisp up in your oven and eat in 6-7 minutes. The ordering process is simple and straightforward, and their FedEx shipping process is seamless. They send you a confirmation and tracking number so you know exactly where your order is and when it arrives. Definitely easy and definitely convenient.


For my pizzas, I tried a regular plain pizza, a gluten-free plain pizza, and a gluten-free pizza topped with onions, and peppers. Once out of the box, all you have to do in unwrap each pie and put them right on the rack in your pre-heated oven. The pizzas made my kitchen smell fantastic; a nice perk you don’t usually get to enjoy when you order pizza. I found it helpful to keep the cardboard circles from under the pizza- that way you can just pull them right out of the oven onto those and serve.

pizza 2

How did they taste? The gluten-free options are a real accomplishment. They have a tender and crispy crust like you’d expect from a regular pizza, the sauce and cheese are in good proportion, and the vegetable toppings on one gave it a welcomed boost of flavor. For anyone with a gluten allergy who’s craving a pizza fix- this would surely hit the spot. The regular plain pizza for me tasted a little plain, for lack of a better word. It didn’t have the cheesy, crusty, unctuousness I’ve come to expect from plain pizza. But if you live in a part of the country where good pizza is far and few between, this might be right up your alley. And as I said before, the gluten-free options are a smart and delicious option even for those without a gluten allergy. You can even order up a bunch of pizzas and keep them in your freezer, ready to heat and eat at a moments notice.

Overnight Pizza: The Gluten-Free Edition

When I first told my friends and neighbors that I was having two gluten-free New York style pizzas delivered to my front door from Chicago, IL, they were in complete disbelief. I mean, can you really blame them? The idea of having a pizza, whether it be gluten-free or not, delivered anywhere in the world via Fed-Ex sounds completely crazy, right? But the idea actually exists and is pulled off extremely well by the folks over at City Pizza Overnight.


I have to admit, throughout the process, I was quite nervous about ordering these pizzas. I’ve never ordered food on the internet before, and sometimes you just hear the craziest stories! But Adam, the owner of City Pizza Overnight, really works with you to make sure you get the full experience! I think I can speak for Sara, Elizabeth, and I when I say that he really went above and beyond in making sure we were comfortable throughout the entire process. Especially in my case, I mean anyone who is able to work with my allergies and gluten-sensitivity without getting frustrated deserves an A+ in my book!

In addition to the excellent customer service, the delivery was quick and easy! We even knew exactly when our pizzas were arriving via e-mail and the pizza arrived right on time! We didn’t even have to sign for it, which is a huge plus for anyone who can’t be around for the pizza’s arrival.


In my case, the pizzas arrived at 3pm, so I had to freeze it for a few hours before digging in! I received two pizzas, one regular and one pepperoni. My family and I decided to try the pepperoni first, because it’s been a really long time since my gluten-free mother or I have had a pepperoni slice! Once dinner time came around, we popped the pie in the oven, and 10 minutes later we had ourselves a mini pizza party!


The pepperoni pizza was delicious! It felt like I was eating a regular pepperoni pizza slice! Unlike the homemade gluten-free recipes I’ve tried, you can’t even tell it’s gluten-free! Out of the two, I think the pepperoni pizza was my favorite just because it felt like the old non-gluten free times. The only thing I disliked about it was that it was really greasy (especially compared to the regular) but even that wasn’t a HUGE problem for me. It was expected, actually!


The next up was the regular, which I tried with my boyfriend Luke this past Sunday. For the purpose of this site, I tried mine plain and with garlic powder. My boyfriend, on the other hand, decided to get creative and slather bacon all over his pizza. Regardless of our different concoctions, we couldn’t stop raving about how delicious the pizza tasted! He even argued with me vehemently about saving a slice for my mom. He wanted to eat 5-6 slices, it was that good!


Overall, my experience with City Pizza Overnight was nothing but excellent. The service was fast and easy and the pizza was delicious, even days after delivery! I am already recommending City Pizza Overnight to my friends and family and highly considering ordering again next time I have a small get together!

Love #NYPizza? Get the Cheazza App!

There is nothing like having a slice of New York Pizza on a Friday night. But the question is  where to go and get it? I have the solution, the Cheazza App.

Credit: Brett Middleton

Credit: Brett Middleton

Cheazza is an iPhone app created by Adrienne Smith with her boyfriend, Joe Masilotti. Joe is a developer and Adrienne works in the digital media sphere, so they decided to combine their talents and make an iPhone app! They love eating and discovering deals in New York City, so they decided to uncover New York’s $1 pizza slices and best cheap pizza deals. There’s a pizzeria on every block in Manhattan, but you can spend $5 for a limp, lukewarm slice. They wanted to show users the best slice for a deal.
Cheazza v1 list
Joe is Cheazza‘s sole developer, while Adrienne manages all things “editorial.”
“We conducted all pizza research ourselves (which involved many a pizza crawl), and created the app from the ground up on our own”, says Adrienne.
Info page on the app

Info page on the app

Cheazza has over 70 pizza places, from bars that offer free pizza with each drink purchased (Crocodile Lounge) to $0.75 cent slices in Midtown (Ray’s, occasionally  to pizza happy hours in the Financial District (It’s A Pizza). The iPhone app is $0.99 to download, and can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Interested in downloading the app? Well today is your lucky day, we are giving away 5 free promo codes for the Cheazza app!
How to win a code:
Share this post and mention @Cheazza_App and @SmChickBigDeals for a chance to win a free download.
The first 5 people to do this will be notified right away if you are a winner and given your promo code to download the app!
Good luck and happy pizza finding!
Sara SCBD Logo Edited

Gluten-Free Pizza Recipe

Over the last year, the one thing I learned is, when it comes to the gluten-free diet, one should always keep an open-mind and always experiment. I did just that this past week by trying gluten-free pizza for the first time!

Gluten-Free pizza was something I always wanted to try since the first moment I stopped eating gluten but I was always a little apprehensive about it at the same time. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the crust and I’ve heard from some gluten-free friends that if it’s not made correctly, the pizza as a whole can taste like cardboard with sauce and cheese on it.

Gluten Free PIzza

Gluten Free Pizza

But the on-the-fly recipe my family and I tried turned out to be pretty fantastic. A lot of it came from my boyfriend Luke, who made his own homemade pizza once before using non gluten-free Bisquick. Technically, this recipe is essentially his concoction!

Luke and his Gluten Free Pizza

Luke and his Gluten Free Pizza

Regardless if you have or have not tried gluten-free pizza yet, I suggest you try this recipe! It’s really simple, affordable, and fun for the entire family!

Gluten-Free Pizza Recipe (for +2 people)


  •  2 cups of Gluten-Free Bisquick mix
  •  1 cup of Italian seasoning (IE: basil, parsley, rosemary garlic, etc)
  •  1 cup of water
  •  4 eggs, beaten
  •  2/3 cup oil
  •  Sauce, Cheese, Toppings (use your judgement on these)


  1. Preheat oven to 425 F
  2. Grease pizza pan.
  3. Stir Bisquick mix, Italian seasoning, water, oil, and eggs until well combined. Spread mix in pan.
  4. Bake the crust for 15 minutes (NOTE: It may appear cracked, this is normal)
  5. Spread pizza sauce, cheese, and other toppings over crust.
  6. Bake 10-15 minutes longer or until cheese is melted.

GF Pizza

Hope you all enjoy this recipe! If you tried it, let me know what you thought in the comments!

The #SCBDAnniversary Dinner at Sotto 13, NYC

Last Friday, I met up with two of the SCBD team members at Sotto 13 in NYC to celebrate the anniversary. Sotto 13 is an ideal space for a night out with the girls or for an intimate date. Everything at the restaurant is meant to be shared whether it be one of their artisanal pizzas or crostini. They also have an awesome cocktail program with a great and affordable wine list.


In order: Jessica, Sara Monica (Founder of SCBD), and Tiffany of SCBD at Sotto 13!

I started off with glass of wine and chose the ’1′ Argentinian Malbec that they offer while I waited for the team to arrive. Once everyone was settled in, had a glass of water, and a cocktail of choice on hand we were ready to order our tapas. After finishing my wine I decided to try their signature Acai-Lychee Martini which was perfect!  We started off with the Ricotta, Lemon, and Truffle Honey Crostini and the Wild Mushroom PIzza. I was really impressed with both of those. We were unsure what to get next so the manager decided to send out crowd favorites which included the Crispy Shoe String Zucchini, Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Rosemary Thyme & Garlic Shrimp, and Fennel Sausage & Roasted Pepper. My favorites were the shrimp, pizza, and the crostini. They all had a great amount of flavor and were perfect shareable servings.

Just when I thought I couldn’t hold anymore we were asked if we wanted dessert. Since it was the anniversary dinner we figured why not, so they sent us out this very, rich chocolate dessert which was delicious but a bit too rich for my taste and cream puffs which were my favorite.

If you are looking for a hot, modern, and innovative date spot then Sotto 13 is the place for you. It was perfect for our celebration and I’d highly recommend it to anyone.


That was just what I thought but here is what Tiffany and Jessica point of views of our team anniversary dinner…

Tiffany’s POV:

The amount of flavor in every dish was continuous while visiting Sotto 13. From my initial cocktail to the Wild Mushroom pizza that we ordered, the flavor just kept coming. The Wild Mushroom pizza made me a believer in Sotto 13 because I am not a huge mushroom person due to my preference with texture, but their touch on mushrooms in this pizza was a winner! I was amazed in how flavorful the pizza was and even had a second slice. Now that I’ve gushed about the flavor of the food, lets talk aesthetics. Sotto 13 is nothing like your “mom and pop” eatery. In fact, the decor was very modern and perfect for a New York location. From the outside, the touch of a red awning doesn’t fully prepare you for the beauty inside. The use of details shows in the decor of the restaurant as their were cracks in their walls, a mix of booths and expandable wooden tables. As a New Yorker who appreciates a traditional “mom and pop” location, a part of adores a well decorated locale with non expensive prices. This restaurant would be ideal for a night out on the town with your gals or guys, friends or date. The tone is intimate and inviting and the flavors will keep you yearning for more!


Jessica’s POV:

What a great night out with the team of SCBD!  We were all happy to celebrate the one year anniversary of the blog and we’re excited about what the next year will bring!  Sotto 13 was a great place to celebrate with its unique atmosphere and menu!

The restaurant is separated into 2 main sections with a bar and some seating in the front, and a bigger dining room in the back.  One of the highlights of the design is a huge skylight over the dining room, which only adds to the tasteful and modern interior design.


Sotto 13 serves tapas and pizza family style – which means everyone gets to try a little of everything!  Family style dining can pose some issues for a vegetarian dining amongst meat eating friends, but Sotto 13 had a great variety of meat free dishes that everyone wanted to try!  My personal favorite was the Ricotta, Lemon, & Truffle Honey Crostini.  They didn’t stay on our plates very long!  Another favorite was the Crispy Shoestring Zucchini which was served with a sliced lemon to squeeze on the zucchini.  The lemon gave the zucchini that extra punch of flavor making them hard to resist.  I was a little more hesitant to try the Roasted Brussels Sprouts, but I was pleasantly surprised.  They were browned to perfection making them much more appealing than your usual Brussels Sprouts!  And last but certainly not least I sampled the Wild Mushroom pizza.  You can’t go wrong with this selection!  The mushrooms are cut up finely, so if you are not a fan of the texture of mushrooms, you may like this pizza more than you think! We finished up our celebration with a sampling of Sotto 13‘s desserts.  I really enjoyed the cream puffs which were light, airy, and not too sweet – this blogger’s favorite kind of dessert!

I will definitely visit Sotto 13 again – whether it’s for another SCBD event, or with my own family and friends.


*Disclaimer: The PR team paid for part of our meal. We were not required to write about these experiences and my opinions are our own and unbiased.*

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