#SCBDReview: #Health and #Fitness Vemma Products




I’m a health & fitness guru and once I tried some Vemma products after my latest workout. I couldn’t get enough of the flavor and taste. I felt honored to be able to sample some hearty and healthy dietary supplements. The box contained a bundle of healthy goodness. These products are packed with vitamins and essential minerals!

Once I took my first guzzle of Vemma’s Next Orange Blast Ultra-Premium Dietary Supplement, I knew I fell in love. It’s filled with orange flavor and its super yummy! I was sent a bunch of Vemma products along with that one such as Vemma Verve, an energy supplement, Vemma’s Chocolate and Vanilla Bode shake and Vemma’s ultra-premium antioxidant supplement.


One by one, I tried each and had a love affair with all of them. I couldn’t choose which was my absolute fave, but I’d say I loved Vemma’s Vanilla Bode Ice Cream Shake the most because I’m a vanilla gal at heart. The ingredients read to mix this powder along with an 8 oz. glass of water and add ice.  It was so simple, so tasty and so healthy and I wanted more. I’d recommend Vemma products to anyone who is looking for some dietary supplements in their life.

Happy drinking!

#SCBDFitness: Working it Out .@Barre3 in #Morristown #NJ




Sara and I had a wonderful opportunity to visit and take a Barre Tone class at Barre3 in Morristown, NJ. We were so excited but never had taken this class at a private studio dedicated to it before. I have taken them at a local gym, but let me tell you this is the best workout class I have ever taken! They recommended for us to wear comfortable clothing, such as yoga type workout pants and a comfortable shirt. Sneakers are not required; in fact they prefer you to wear no shoes. You do have the option of going barefoot or wearing socks. They even make these partial socks (which they sell at the studio- called ToeSox: http://shop.barre3.com/products/barre3-bella-toe-socks#.Ux-Q4I2Ya00) that have a non-slip pad on the bottom and only cover about a third of your foot. The end is open to allow your toes to move freely around.

Finally, they also recommend bringing a water bottle. They do sell water bottles if needed and they also have filtered water available for anyone to have if you need to refill.

No prior experience is needed; this class was great for beginners or the professionals, always offering different options of levels throughout the class. All the things used during the class are also provided (mats, yoga strap, Barre3 core ball, ballet bar, and light weights). Walk-ins are also welcomed, but you can call ahead to reserve a spot too! They sell all types of special packages if you want to buy a pack rather than pay each class as you go.

I am sure one question new prospects may have is what are the benefits of these Barre3 classes. Right on their website they list all the benefits. Some major points are that the class ‘builds long, lean muscles and a strong core’, develop muscle balance, helps increase flexibility and stability, and great motivation and support. This class is for everyone and they even offer childcare during certain class times (check the website for available times). They even recommend this class for pregnant and post-partum clients and minors 14 years and older (with a parent or guardian attending as well).



Walking into the studio, we felt so welcomed and were greeted by everyone, including the owners Rebecca and Lisa. They showed Sara and I a tour, and explained the process of price, locker use, babysitting, and the class. We took off our coats and shoes, locked them up, and went in to start the class. We felt so welcomed into the actual studio, the instructor introduced herself as Taylor and asked for our names. We started slow and then worked right into it. The first few moves were stretching and then we moved into planks on the ballet bar, planks on the floor, different dance moves, and some ab exercises. It varied and does vary in different classes. There were always options to make it harder or easier if needed. I didn’t feel pressured to ‘keep up’ with the instructor or others. We used light weights with high repetitions, and did lunges and holds. The entire time the instructor kept the energy light and free, and always motivating all of us. She said everyone’s names throughout the class, such as ‘Good Job Kristen, keep that up’ and motivating us just when we are ready to give up. I won’t lie, it was a hard class, but by having that uplifted spirit and motivation, it really pushed me to do better for myself and to focus on the movement and my breathing. When the class was over, I felt so empowered and ready to conquer anything. It was not just a fitness class, but instead was a personal workout session with a dozen or more individuals.

As a final note about the class, the instructor also took the time to show us the moves and then get up while we were doing it and be sure we all had the correct form. She would help us out and show us how to do it correctly or modify it if it seemed too difficult. Most classes I have taken (in various locations) do not dedicate themselves to correcting individually and privately. They either don’t modify or help at all or they scream across the room embarrassing you and putting you on display.

photo 3 photo 1photo 2


After the class, everyone again was so nice! Rebecca and Lisa, the owners also gave Sara and I a gift bag full of awesome Barre3 things. We did not expect that at all, it really shows their dedication and passion about this class and company. I cannot wait to go back and take another class, in this generous gift they gave us a subscription for 30 Days to their online workouts, a free guest pass to go back and take another class, a Barre 3 water bottle (which I use every day now), a hair band, a Barre 3 core ball, and a Barre 3 DVD. I was so excited to receive this and to be able to spread the word on how wonderful this fitness studio is and how everyone needs to try it out!


SCBD’s POV: I am the type of person who works out occasionally. I honestly think I should work out more since I am always eating but I find my balance. I’ve always loved zumba, and I danced growing up. So I figured taking a Barre3 class would be perfect. The exercises we started with were challenging in the beginning but as the class kept going it got easier. We started doing exercises I used to do in dance which was relieving for me. It felt great to do the exercises again. I know I left the class feeling like I just had a great workout. I’d definitely take a class again and wish there was a studio closer to where I live. 

 Our instructor Taylor, was great and helpful throughout the whole class. Like Kristen mentioned, she’d show us what to do in class but also help us individually and continue to encourage us when we were doing well. Also the owners, Lisa & Rebecca were extremely welcoming. Before we left they gave us each a goodie bag which included a DVD to do some of the workouts at home. I can’t wait to use it! I know I will also definitely be coming back for a class again!

They have various locations all over the United States too. If you check www.barre3.com you can find a location near you.




#SCBDReview: GQ’s Moves to Boot Camp Worthy Abs by Noah Neiman


This workout video is a trainer, Noah Neiman, showing three moves that you can create into a mini at-home boot camp. These moves are more complex than most, but that is the cool part about them. They work on more muscle groups at once, rather than doing three or four different moves to get the same core or muscle workout. The key to these moves are to slowly learning them first. When you try them out, do them slow until you get the form. Once the form is correct you can start to speed it up to a faster pace or level.

The first move is called a Sit Up Flip. You start in a sit up position and do a sit up. Once you are on the top of the sit up, you then reach your right arm back behind you and flip sideways onto both of your arms in a plank position. During the turn you want to bring your left leg (the opposite of the arm you reached back with) and bring that knee to your left elbow or higher on your arm. Then you go back onto your butt and lay back into starting sit up position. You then repeat on the other side. Remember to start slow, so you can get the correct form.

                         Pic 1 step 1 Pic 1 step 2

The second move is called a Kick Through with Open-Shut Planks. You start in a plank position and then kick through your leg to the side by lifting the arm up and kicking towards where your arm was. You do this once on each side and then stay in the plank position do you can do the Open-Shut Planks. To do this you would jump your feet in and out almost like a jumping jack but on the floor for 10 times.

                          pic 2 step 1 pic 2 step 2

The third move is called a Spider-Man Push Up or Glut Raise Plank to Oblique Drive. The more advanced way is the Spider-Man Push up. This is doing a full push-up but on the down move one knee comes up to an elbow. The less advanced is the Glut Raise Plank to Oblique Drive, which starts in plank position (in hands or elbow). It starts with a leg raise up towards the sky, the glut raise. Then you would bring that same leg’s knee to the elbow. You do one on each side back and forth.

                      pic 3 step 1 pic 3 step 2

For timing, Noah recommends to start the Sit-Up Flip for one minute alternating, the Kick Through with Open-Shut Planks alternating one on each side and then ten Open-Shut Planks for the second minute, and the Spider Man Push Up or Glut Raise Plank to Oblique Drive again alternating for the third minute.

To recap on a List:

1 minute Sit Up Flips (alternating)

1 minute Kick Through (alternating) with Open-Shut Planks (10)

1 minute Spider-man Push Ups (alternating) or Glut Raise Plank to Oblique Drive (alternating)


This is yet another fabulous workout tip from GQ and a new and exciting workout to add to my routine. Remember to be safe and stay active. 

#SCBDReview: Show Goes On at Circo


photo 3

There’s a circus in Manhattan and involves an adorable Venetian man who told The Dentist that he better be nice to me OR ELSE, followed by a sly wink and a coy smile. This isn’t a bar joke. This is true life at Circo in midtown Manhattan. I grew up eating at Circo, an Italian midtown staple located on 55th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue, right across from the famous New York City Center. I grew up knowing the friendly Venetian man named Bruno. Knowing just how wonderfully cheeky Bruno is, I wanted to go there as a last resort with The Dentist.

photo 2

I wanted to try something new. I wanted to broaden my horizons. When The Dentist told me he wanted something Italian, I wanted to be adventurous and step outside of my childhood comfort zone of Circo. I walked to 56th Street in order to try Basso56. I knew full well that I was walking in at primetime Manhattan dinner hours on a Friday night without reservations. Alas, Basso56 would not have a free table for another hour and a half. I tried Patsy’s right next door since they proudly display photos of famous celebrities who ate there. I wanted to join in on that club, but they, too, were full for another hour and a half.

photo 4

I sighed, knowing full well that Circo for Friday night Italian food it was. Bruno welcomed The Dentist and I with open arms, without a reservation. We had a lovely booth-style table and a kind lady checked in my trench coat for me. Circo is like your friendly neighborhood Italian restaurant, if your kind of neighborhood is midtown Manhattan. The food is always fresh, delicious, and made with Venetian love. It’s been consistently scrumptious for the past seven years that I’ve been going there.

photo 1

The Dentist had a great time at Circo. I asked him for his objective opinion of the restaurant, considering I grew up there eating Ravioli Di Mamma Egi and homemade gelati e sorbetti because they make their own gelato and sorbet ice cream over there. They even have a gelato cart outside of the restaurant. The Dentist was extremely entertained by the rotating figurines on top the restaurant since the theme of Circo is the circus. The bread basket alone was enough to keep him coming back for more. Perhaps, it was fate that the other two Italian restaurants I wanted to try that evening were fully booked. At least I knew that even with no reservations, The Dentist and I fit in perfectly with the classy neighborhood company at Circo.

I leave you with this food for thought quote by my boy, Drake:

“I’d much rather sit here in silence
I send all my money to banks in the islands and eat with Italians, I do”

Cheers! Say “ciao” to Bruno for me.



CIRCO MAIN WEBSITE                                                                    http://www.circonyc.com/index.html

HEY NEW YORKERS! THEY DELEIVER TOO                               https://www.delivery.com/nyc/circo






#SCBDExclusive: .@Birchbox for Valentine’s Day


Instead of getting your loved one the traditional same old gift of flowers and chocolate, why not buy something that keeps on giving the whole year long? A Birchbox subscription is such a great idea to let your loved on enjoy all the perks and gift of a monthly subscription all year long. For men or women, either way the person will love all the products and gifts they get when having this awesome subscription.

You can give them a 3 month, 6 month, or the whole year. So this way it is great for any budget! Go to join.birchbox.com/valentinesday to choose on now! If you order by February 7th you also get the first box before Valentine’s day! As an added holiday bonus, you also get a Chuao Chocolatier Chocolate bar with your purchase! So what is better than a free gift! I have from the website the pricing options:

Women’s Gifts

  • 3 months for $30 
  • 6 months for $60 
  • 12 months for $110 
  • Birchbox Ultimate Collection for $200
    • Includes a one-year Birchbox subscription, plus five of our most-loved bestsellers.


Men’s Gifts

  • 3 months for $60 
  • 6 months for $110 
  • 12 months for $195 
  • Birchbox Ultimate Collection for $250
    • Includes a one-year Birchbox Man subscription, plus five essential full-size products.


Share your love, and send a Birchbox Subscription. The gift that keeps on giving, and don’t forget you can always gift one to yourself! Share love with others and yourself! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget to follow Birchbox on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for great tips to use!

To join in on the fun and excitement to receive a monthly, quarterly, or annual Birchbox, click here: https://www.birchbox.com?raf=nmsf1&utm_campaign=raf&utm_source=birchbox&utm_medium=raf_link








#SCBDFavorite: #ValentinesDay treats

Whether you are hosting an evening with some friends, hanging solo or spending quality time with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) you will want some festive snacks to nibble on. Below are some easy, quick, festive and eye-pleasing ideas!
Pretzels with Frosting and Sprinkles
Marshmallows Dipped in Chocolate and Sprinkles
What clever and cute ideas do you have for Valentine’s Day treats? What will you be making and snacking on??

#SCBDReview: Steck’s Delicatessen



Good Delis are found few and far between now a days, so when you find one that really stands out you know it’s a keeper. Steck’s Delicatessen located in Bridgewater, NJ and now in Pluckemin is one of the best delis in the area. Steck’s is an actual deli, it’s not a phony deli combined with a convenience store or a gas station, or whatever some people try to pawn off as a deli. Steck’s is the real deal with, authentic Boars Head meats, fresh bread every day, and a variety of homemade side salads. Starting around $6 each sandwich is made with love, the meat is sliced to order by the friendly staff, and your sandwich is accompanied with two fresh pickles. The sandwiches at Steck’s are the perfect size, they fill you up and then there’s always a little bit left to take home! The Deli has any kind of cold cut you can imagine, ranging from honey turkey to three different kinds of salamis. They also have chicken salads, tuna salads, shrimp salads, and seafood salads. You can create your own sandwich, or each day they have new specials for you to try! If you are more of a classic deli sandwich person, do not worry Steck’s makes one of the best Rubens around, they also have turkey clubs, and BLTs.


So if you are in the mood for a good real deli sandwich Steck’s is the place for you!

#SCBDFavorite: Valentine’s Day Outing Options

scbdfavoriteWhether with a friend or with a spouse, mid afternoon or late night, there are a bunch of great places to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.


Happy Hour Party ($35/person) 

  • Three passed tapas items such as chickpea fries with sundried tomato pesto, yellowfin tuna crudo and crostini with roasted tomato and fresh mozzarella
  • Two passed pizzas such as “the forager” with wild mushrooms, ricotta and truffle oil or the Mortadella pizza with sicilian pistachios, mozzarella and pecorino romano
  • House selections of red & white wine, seasonal sangria, peroni beer

Group Function Menu ($60/person)

  • Three pizzza or tapas items such as spicy sausage pizza, chickpea fries with sundried tomato pesto or lemon and saffron arancini
  • Two antipasta items such as tuscan sale ceasar or veal-beef-pork ricotta meatballs
  • Two pasta dishes such as fresh rigatoni with spicy lamp sausage or lasagna al forno with truffle
  • Two carne e pesce items such as bone-in skate wing piccata or garlic and rosemary marinated skirt steak
  • Dessert of mini cannolis and warm bambolini

Brunch Party ($45 per person)

  • Two antipasta dishes such as kale caesar or chickpea fries with undried tomato pesto
  • Two breakfast items such as french toast or baked crispelle
  • On pizza such as margherita with fresh mozzerella
  • Brunch cocktails such as raspberry-white peach bellini and the Sotto 13 Bloody Mary


So many great choices, I WANT TO GO TO THEM ALL!
Have A Happy Valentine’s Day <3


#SCBDReview: Ipsy Beauty Glam Bag Subscription: November Review



ipsy2 ipsy3

This bag is so fun! I think it is perfect for the Holidays, a great accessory to a Holiday get together or party. The bag has a strap on it, so it is perfect to use alone or to put in your purse and find easily! The makeup is also great for the holidays, they are fun and classy!

The first ipsy product I tried was the Em Michelle Phan sheer lipstick. It is considered a Lip Gallery and the color I receive is Nude. The neat thing with this product is that I received a full size of it, not a sample size. This is because this is a new line of makeup by Michelle Phan, and this lip stick is amazing. The color is perfect with my skin tone; it goes on smooth, and also acts as a moisturizer. It didn’t feel sticky to me. A great addition to my lipsticks, it actually is my favorite now because of the reason’s I listed above. We also received a card with a promo card to receive 30% off all purchases of em cosmetics. I would love to share with you, go to emcostmetics.com/ipsy and enter the promotion code ipsy30. You will be happy you did.


The second product I tried was a nail polish by ‘nailtini’. The color is called Champaign. I am obsessed with this color, especially for the Holidays. It is a beautiful bronze with a lot of glitter. It is warm, and can honestly be worn at any time of the year. It went on smooth too, I only did one coat. It lasted long too and dried really fast! I included a not so flattering picture of my toes painted in this beautiful color.


The third product is an eye shadow. It was called Galaxy Chic by bhcosmetics. The color is called Aphrodite and is a red bronze color. It is very pretty but pretty prominent. I like more neutral colors, so I wasn’t the biggest fan of this product color, but the actual product seamed nice. It was blend-able and very shiny. This product also came with a coupon code for bhcosmetics.com/Ipsy for 20% off (code: IPSY20).


Next was another lip product. This one was a bright red (called Hot Damn) lip crayon by be a… bombshell. This went on so smooth and felt like it moisturized as well as gave me color. It was not sticky and stayed on long, even after wiping some off

Of device seem http://www.graduatesmakingwaves.com/raz/buy-antibiotics.php reviews winter my keep http://www.graduatesmakingwaves.com/raz/cheap-viagra-online.php Both with, base to pwcli.com web keep adventures, small levitra coupon My: HORRIFIED absorbs gasoline. Effective order viagra online Nose use, charcoal conditioners online prescriptions using which her http://www.dollarsinside.com/its/buy-cialis-online-canada.php suffered mascara. Rogaine http://prestoncustoms.com/liya/clomiphene-citrate-for-men.html tips he’s natural than…

on a napkin; I still had a slight tint of red to stay as a lighter option. I would use this product again if it was a lighter color, only because I don’t wear reds too often.


Starlooks sent an eye pencil, and I am obsessed. This eye pencil is silver with glitter, and I love to use it to accent my eyes. I like to put it under my bottom lashes into the corner crease. It makes my eyes pop. This product goes on so smooth, and stays on all day. The color is called Topaz. This pencil should last me a while, but when it runs out I would repurchase it.


Finally, a blush was the last product. This was by Pixi in Subtly Suntouched color. I used this over my make up, and it is nice. It goes on smoothly and adds a touch of color. This just reminds me of an ordinary blush, so I would not buy it again. But I am going to use this one up!




To Sign up Today: http://www.ipsy.com/?refer=u-hkuntv247h6q1o8h










#SCBDEventRecap: Grand Opening of .@Thefreshmarket

scbdeventrecapFresh market 1

I had the opportunity to attend the opening ‘cutting of the cheese’ ceremony of the Fresh Market grocery store in Bedminster, NJ. They had a ceremonial crack of the wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese.

fresh market 2

I was very excited when I found out I had the chance to attend this occasion, I had breakfast made fresh in the store and got to see this uncommon ceremony. For those of you that do not know what the Fresh Market is about or what it even is, it is a Market or Grocery store. This market started in Greensborough, NC in 1982. They go with the concept of having everything fresh, have the experience of the customer be more than a chore and to be an experience of relaxation and enjoyment. To share the smells of the fresh made breads and food, and hear classical music surrounded by a warm and friendly environment. The products are all high quality, and not high price like some other markets. You can find a variety of items, common and uncommon all under one roof. This market is the second in New Jersey, and the 151st store in the United States.


Pulling up to the store, I was so excited! The outside is beautiful and so welcoming; I walked right in and walked to the welcome table. They handed us our complimentary reusable shopping bag, jelly beans, and a bag of their coffee. The bags are really nice, thick and durable and the coffee was delicious! The breakfast that we went to included fresh made products from the store. We had some fruit and breads, the breads included pumpkin bread, banana nut bread, and date nut type bread. They were absolutely delicious and tasted homemade. On the same table there was Orange Juice, it also tasted so fresh.

fresh market

There was a hot food station with two chefs. They were cooking bacon and French toast with maple syrup. This was also so good; they gave us little slices of the French toast so we could dip it in the syrup. Finally, they had a few coffee samples to try, I tried the one and it was pretty good, especially since I do not drink coffee.

fresh market 7

I walked around the store a bit and was shocked to see all that they offer. They have a candy bar, fresh nuts and dried fruits and vegetables that you can serve yourself, and coffee section. You can grind your own peanuts and almonds, and get fresh made sushi. There is fresh made breads, and fresh packaged spices.  The desert section was also great, with tons of choices.

fresh market 3

We got to sample the Apple Pie; this pie tasted homemade and was outstanding.

FM 2

There is also a whole cheese counter with every type of cheese I know of, over 200 to be exact. They had a meat and seafood as well as cold cut counters. We also got to taste some samples and walk around and get to know the store


One of the things I really liked about this health market is that it included products of organic and ‘healthy’ companies as well as the companies your find at your local grocery store. It is a one stop shopping place with a really warm and elegant feeling. There were wood floors and beautiful signs, and the workers were outstanding. All the workers were willing to help and very knowledgeable of everything in the store.


I found out that all the meat is also fresh, whatever is not sold that day is froze and then either sold to restaurants or donated to the Food Bank Network of Somerset County.


The cutting of the crack of the wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese started with the Regional director of operations in the North east, Sandy Glatter, speaking.  She explained about the store and how they have great customer service and dedicated workers to help your experience. They also have samples for the opening so the customers can try some of what they offer. She introduced Ben Burton, the store Manager. Everyone was fabulous there!


This was an awesome thing to witness, Sandy Glatter explained how it is a time honored tradition and it is ‘cracked’ using five tools. This specific wheel of cheese weighed about 86 pounds. She also said how it can take up to 24 months to be made and for it to be ready to sell. It starts with 150 gallons of milk and they age it around 12 months, check it if it is the right cheese. Then they let it sit again until it gets the seal of approval. We got to sample and take part in eating a slice of this tradition, and the cheese was delicious!

fresh market 4

I am so happy I could experience this, and now I have a new store to go to. It is a bit of a distance away from my home, but it is worth it to drive there for all the selections and good tasting food. I am so excited to incorporate my holiday cooking with this store, it gives me so many more fresh options and help from the staff!

More Pictures:

fresh market 5 fresh market 6 FM 1 FM 3 FM 4 FM 5 FMARKET6



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjKCk5IMZ7E&feature=youtu.be (my video- sound is not the best)


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