Budget Friendly and Affordable Dryel

Hey lovely readers!!! So sorry I’ve been out of touch….

My sobriety journey and relationship with God has taken priority and for once in my life I am feeling better about myself, life, and more but I’ll be writing  a separate post about that shortly. It’s also every bloggers worst nightmare to have their computer down and out of service but thanks to a warranty and the folks at Lenovo, I’m ready to write….

As you guys may know this year I was appointed a Dryel Brand Ambassador to tell you all about the wonderful things about this product!!! It’s been a great commitment even through sobriety!!

This time around I wanted to remind you how affordable and what a “deal” it truly is. It only costs you between $11.97-12.99 on Amazon to get 4-6 loads done. What can be better than that? I love using it because it keeps my clothes in great condition too!

Well I will check you all soon…don’t forget to buy your Dryel, here!

Sober and Serene, One day at a time…

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