#SCBDLifestyle: Introducing Dryel 101

Hey lovely SCBD fans!!!

I’m writing you today to tell you about Dryel at-home dry cleaning system And I’m happy to announce that I’m one of their brand ambassadors. so stay tuned for more posts about Dryel as well as videos when I film segments at home!

Here are some facts about it:

  • More convenient than a trip to the dry cleaners
  • Costs as little as 25¢ per garment – Up to 90% less than dry cleaners!
  • Avoids harsh chemicals that the dry cleaners use
  • Does not require expensive machines, Dryel® works in all dryers including High Efficiency
  • Safely and thoroughly cleans your dry clean only and special care clothes – no fading, no shrinking, no stretching
  • Environmentally friendly with biodegradable cleaning agents

Its also super easy to use and all you need is the special dryer safe bag and one of the dryer sheets and put it in the dryer for 15 minutes!

It’s a great product and I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

XO Sara

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