#SCBDReview: Old Bay Brings a New Twist to New Brunswick

If you are looking for a new spot with some Creole flavor, it’s located right in the heart of the good ole, food centric New Brunswick– Old Bay is the place to go.  We had the opportunity to attend the media tasting (we went live so watch the video on Small Chick Big Deals) for the new menu and the new look of the restaurants. 

We got to try a few samplings of their signature dishes which ranged from crab cakes to the bacon sliders and of course, cocktails and beer that paired with it. Old Bay is known for being New Jersey’s premier craft beer bar and Great Lakes was the brand they promoted that night. We had an IPA, Double IPA and of course their Porter which is fantastic. 


I went with team member Arlene for this one, and she particularly enjoyed the new cocktail menu. A drink called the Pirates Booty,  with its aged whisky,  maple syrup and orange bitters was just the right combo of sweet, tart and that whisky knock on your brain. Definitely a drink worth calling Uber for. Bringing the fresh fish back into their menu, a new Po’ Boy is on their menu. In addition to the fresh and tasty fish, this Po’Boy had eggplant. You might think it an odd combination, but it was right on the money.

We had a truly great experience at the restaurant and cant wait to come back! Whether its for dinner or happy hour I promise you, you won’t be disappointed with Old Bay. 

Stay tuned for more updates on when we’ll be back and if you go in the meantime let them know SCBD sent you!


XO Sara

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