#SCBDFitness: Getting my Superhero bod at CKO in Jackson, NJ

Over the summer I was very fortunate to get into kickboxing via a job posting and I was very fortunate to take a few classes for a few weeks. I was fortunate to come across some local CKO instructors at work and ever since I’ve been back at the bag. I’m super excited that along with Kristen and I sharing our Pure Barre journey’s, I’ll also be telling you guys about my fitness journey at CKO. 

I love going to class and learn something new and test my body more and more every time. I also have a few instructors that I know I love. Michelle, who helps run the studio alongside Corey. Chrissy who I connected with automatically while taking Michelle’s class and last, Anthony. Anthony has a MMA background and has more of a boxing/fighting style than some of the other instructors. I can’t wait to see what the other instructors bring to the table the next 2 months I’m taking classes there.

Stay tuned I’ll be going live from a class and one on one with an instructor soon.


XO Sara


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