#SCBDReview: Baker’s Crust in Williamsburg, VA

With a fun and friendly atmosphere, Baker’s Crust is making head-way in the Virginia area. Baker’s Crust has 6 locations.

“We plan on opening locations in the DC area within a year,” said Manager Carl.

Along with my husband, I visited Baker’s Crust in Williamsburg, VA to check out the food. I heard good things about this place and needed to try it out for myself.

Now, I asked Brandi – our waitress – for recommendations.

She suggested the Charleston Chicken & Avocado, which consisted of buttermilk fried chicken, honey beurre blanc, avocado, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard, brioche roll. My husband ordered the Boozy Barbeque Bacon Burger, which had chipotle gouda cheese, boozy bacon bbq sauce, pickle spear, tarragon slaw, buttermilk onion rings, sriracha mayo.

On Thursdays, there are 3 pizzas for only $6! That’s a steal, so we also requested Margarita Pizza. The pizza blew my mind because not only was it 100% homemade, the dough was firm and crispy yet light and airy.

“The brick fired pizzas are hand-crafted with fresh dough and imported from Italy,” said Carl.

By the time our meals came and I saw the food, my mouth was watering!


The chicken on my sandwich was crunchy and the combination of ingredients worked well.  The bacon was crispy and juicy and the avocado was perfectly sliced.

My husband oohed and ahhed about his burger. My husband thought his burger tasted juicy which was complimented well by the combination of slaw and onion rings.

We’d recommend both sandwiches all day, every day.

Carl convinced us to order some dessert because everything is homemade. And, as an added bonus, our waitress Brandi made our Sweet Iced Tea, caramel macciato and does prep work in general. She was very lovely and friendly, which made our dinner that much enjoyable.

So, we ordered the Skillet Cookie, which was a chocolate chip cookie baked to order, served with a scoop of edy’s vanilla bean ice cream. Holy freaking moly! Yes, I had to use those words because seriously that dessert was out of this world.

The chocolate cookie literally melted in my mouth and the chocolaty goodness made it worth every single calorie. The caramel macciato was also homemade. You know how at Starbucks they put in that damn syrup that is terrible for you? Well, you could definitely tell this macciato was made with love and hand-crafted.

My husband and I are into healthy eating as well as healthy ingredients. You know the ones that don’t consist of citric acid. Therefore, when we learned that all their produce is grown and shipped from a farm in Suffolk, Virginia.

According to the back of their menu they “grow our own greens on our farm in Suffolk, Virginia. Our farming method goes beyond organic to deliver naturally clean lettuces and herbs with unmatched freshness and flavor. This agricultural leap allows us to produce greens that are pesticide free and non-GMO and help deliver a more sustainable future.”

“This is why we grow and harvest some of our organic greens on our own farm in Suffolk, Va. We know freshness makes a difference in taste, and we can trust the quality,” said John Stein, the CEO and Owner of Baker’s Crust. “We give our attention to every single ingredient so we can serve an unforgettable flavor experience to every guest who chooses to share special memories at Baker’s Crust.”

And, to think this place started merely as a bakery 22 years ago and then shifted toward a restaurant atmosphere blows my mind!

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