#SCBDFitness: Break a Sweat with Dyna Pro Workout Essentials

It’s a New Year New Year so why not start out 2017 right with some new fitness essentials. DynaPro has great quality fitness equipment that we want to share with you! Created by Founder/ CEO -Matt Masiello, Matt had a goal to build the highest quality workout products at affordable prices so that people could get the more out of their equipment and that is just what he did. 

Some Featured Workout Equipment includes:

DynaPro Power Resistance Bands: These bands are designed for durability and variety. Made of natural rubber with 5 different color- coded resistance levels. You can use them singly, or combine multiple banks, or use them with standard weight equipment to perform chest presses, bicep curls and more.

DynaPro Excersie Ball: Gym quality and made with anti-burst PVC material This heavy duty ball can be used for a variety of applications, Use if for Psychical Therapy, Home Workouts, Pilates, Yoga, or Personal Training; this ball can for used for it all. 

Be sure to check out: https://www.dynaprodirect.com/shop/ to learn more about the DynaPro Brand and equipment offers.


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