#SCBDReflection: Mantra of the Year (2017)- THRIVE

  • grow or develop well or vigorously (of a child, animal, or plant).
    “the new baby thrived”
    prosper; flourish.
    “education groups thrive on organization”

So this year I decided if I’m going to continue to slay my goals I need to have a mantra and a word to live by this year and after much thinking and through my experience this year, and drinking LifeAid thanks to Tara one day. I decided THRIVE was the most appropriate word. 

As the definition of thrive means to grow and develop, prosper and flourish. And that is what I want to happen to everything I touch. And personally to thrive and work on my own self care and self love more than before. 

I believe with my faith and trust in God and a positive mindset and being focused. I think with all that I’ll be able muster through my challenges and obstacles so I can really thrive this year. I think living by this will help my business and I prosper. 

So #whatsyourword to lead you this year? I challenge you to come up with one and wake up everyday, and say I  will _________ today. I know I’ll be thriving daily. 

Here’s to slaying, well better yet thriving this year.

XO Sara



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