#SCBDFashion: Sub’urban’ Style with @Embrace_The_Lace #OOTD


I’m always on the lookout for the hottest new looks an different styles to rock whether its during my daily grind, for taping or even attending  an event. Last week, I came across this awesome new local brand from my good friend an avid demo guest Bri LoBue. The company is called Embrace The Lace. They are a new local company that sells these new, custom laced up shirts on Instagram. I love my New York oversized tee! I had fun shooting these pictures yesterday and will be wearing it on the demo today!

Amanda, the founder started the company about a month ago, and it has taken off ever since! She is a full time professional musical theatre performer and has loved fashion her whole life! She got into making shirt by accident, and loves it so much!

All shirts start at $51 and you can look at her Etsy shop, here.
You can either give her a shirt or she can get/order a shirt for you
Any band, school, or artist you are interested  in are what works best for the shirts! 
All of the styles she does are shown on the Instagram @embrace_the_lace but if you have something in mind I’d be more than able try it out!  I can also add rips and acid wash for an extra $5 a piece additional cost.
If you mention you found Embrace the Lace from SCBD tell them to mention the code ‘SCBD10’ and to get 10% off.







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