#SCBDReview: @BrooklynBrewery’s #PostRoadPumpkinAle #TuesdayBrewsday



So it took me a bit to decide which beer I want to review this #TuesdayBrewsday. I love Magic Hat’s Electric Peel but I figured I’d do a review on a pumpkin beer since the season is almost over. And now I really want this one, so chances are I’ll be drinking this on the segment again, too. But we will see. 

This is my first, of soon to be many beers I’ve tried by Brooklyn Brewery and I love it!!! Its a nice light ale with a swift pumpkin kick to it. The beer is available from August through November at any liquor store that carries Brooklyn. I’d love to check out the brewery for myself 

If I really like a beer, I can definitely drink like three in one sitting and this is one of  them. I think its my favorite pumpkin beer of the season. PumpKing by Southern Tier and Traveler’s pumpkin ale is a close third. I definitely have a soft spot for Pumpkin beers lately so I try not to pick the basic ones. 

It’s great to drink to pregame (I know from experience) or to pair with a nice, hearty meal. 

So stay tuned for more beer posts and tune into my #TuesdayBrewsday segment on the SCBD Facebook page every Tuesday!

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