#SCBDReview: Chefs Tasting @OrangeSquirrel in Bloomfield, NJ



Jess and I had the opportunity to try out The Orange Squirrel Restaurant located in Bloomfield NJ. I would categorize The Orange Squirrel and a top notch hole in the wall restaurant. From the unique squirrel décor to the cozy setting to the ambiance and the suburb staff I would say The Orange Squirrel is a place you don’t want to miss, serving new American cuisine and delicious unique entrees.

Chef Francisco Palmieri came out to introduce himself and to tell us a little bit about how he came up with the orange squirrel and some of his background. IT  was Jess’s first time there so she pleasantly surprised with how friendly and genuine the chef was to give us more insight about himself and the background of his menu. To start off the night Sara was able to get behind the bar and work hand in hand with the Chef to create the signature drink Matcha Man.

Our favorite dishes of the night were :

Our appetizer which was the zucchini squash flower, tomato pizza, chicken pot pie entrée, and for our last course of the night Bread pudding.

The Chicken Pot Pie is a must get! You will be pleasantly surprised when this dish arrives with the giant puff crust. Tasty, flavorful and filling! The Chick Pot pie has vegetables. veloutte, and Leg & Thigh confit.

The Bread pudding is to die for! It was flavorful with a good consistency topped with chocolate ice cream. This dish is good to share and you won’t be disappointed. We ate it all super fast it was so delish!

Next time you are in the area or need a new restaurant to check out be sure to add The Orange Squirrel to your list!


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