#SCBDReflection: This is my current single status…



August has to be the roughest yet most rev elating month for me. This year it popped off finding out good news I didn’t expect so I’m promising myself to stay positive. But three years ago my grandma who I had the most in common with passed away, so my heart is heavy. And as you all know, two years ago this week I had my “big break up” from my longest and almost 6 years relationship. I didn’t think I’d be single for this long but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not only do I know what I want more than ever. I’m also not afraid to stand up for myself, seem to be continuing to build this empire, and just focusing on myself as a person. And my relationship with God of course, which isn’t that easy at times. 


Being single these days come with a ton of challenges, because society makes it so hard for us to love ourselves. That and personal heartbreak and rough times, where I ended up reminding myself to love myself first in situations is why I have the ink. It’s one of my most precious tattoos, I mean all mine have meaning which maybe I’ll get into  more but from a personal standpoint its a great reminder. It also sets the standard for my next relationship. Now more than ever I demand respect, understanding, and not settling for mediocre. Oh trust me it gets lonely but I know what I want and am interested to see what God has in store for me in my life not just my love life. And things are definitely taking interesting turns.


Today, I woke up grateful and blessed to be here to have this message and to CELEBRATE my 2nd INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! I’ll be posting a demo as always of shots and fun cocktails!!! I’ve decided its a day I should be most happy not sad or upset. I know whomever I am with next, when the timing is right is going to be great but until then I am going to continue to grow and learn as a blogger/writer/volgger/chef/mixologist… I have a couple hats I need to work on. Here’s to carrying on and staying positive. 

Love yourself first and Give it to God….Positivity is key.

So please don’t mind my dating myself posts this week. Sometimes you need to take yourself out to a movie solo, for a meal, and get a manicure. OH yeah and check out a local brewery! Should be a fun day. 

Ad last, I feel like I’m finally back to where I was two years ago creating partnerships and working my ass off and achieving goals I’ve been wanting to achieve. And not settling, being fiercer than ever. Hope you’re as excited as I am for whats ahead here at SCBD!


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