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In a world where we are constantly on the road or on the run, its hard to find a meal you can grab quick and not feel guilty eating. Well my friends, we finally have a solution nearby in Sea Girt.  At Fresh Kitchen, you have an option to have a stock pot, wrap, grain bowl, or salad. 


I tried a grain bowl and a wrap, they were the perfect amount. I loved the grain bowl, I put some sweet corn yuca paste as my base and then topped it with a whole bunch of veggies and steak. All of the meat is sous vide, which is a French style of cooking. All of the meals come with sauces. They are all so delicious and great priced. A half meal is $7 and for a full meal is $10.


The prices are great for the quality of the food, and everything is sourced locally. The story behind, Fresh is interesting too. While traveling throughout the world, Mike Nitto was constantly searching to find restaurants that provided healthy, nutritious meals while on the go. Across both coasts, Mike’s dissatisfaction grew until he came up a solution: a restaurant dedicated to health as well as taste. Determined to build a restaurant centered around honest food and nutrition Mike partnered with Chris Burgess, a chef who shared the same passion for providing healthy,  delicious food. Over 18 months, together, they cultivated and championed a template for their vision of clean eating. Amazing flavor combinations,  nutrient dense foods in peak season, a variety of guest selected foods and vehicles, responsibly sourced ingredients, and absolute nutritional integrity in the preparation is the mission of Fresh Kitchen.

If you are looking for a healthy, quick bite get to Fresh Kitchen today!
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