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lisa concepcion

Hey everyone! So I’m back with my interview series again! We’re kicking it off with this interview with love and marketing guru and founder of Love Quest MarketingLisa Concepcion. She is based in Miami and is always updating her social networks with updates and advice that you won’t want to miss! Get to know her a bit better…


SCBD: Tell me a bit about yourself, when did you start Love Quest Marketing?

LC: I have close to two decades of experience in marketing and public relations. My career was stagnant. I wanted to help other people. I was lost! So I went to a weekend seminar helping women tap into what they truly want to do based on who they truly are. LoveQuest Marketing was an idea that popped up. I was separated from my husband at that point and was stuck. I shared my journey on social media and saw how people were inspired by my story. People started asking me for advice and I knew I was onto something. I just had to think of how LoveQuest would work as a business. 
SCBD:  What is your view on dating?
LC: I think dating represents a clear reflection of where you are in your life and how loving and kind you are of yourself. We create our reality by our thoughts so if we say dating is terrible and it’s difficult to meet good people, then the universe is only going to serve more of that awfulness up. It’s not until we date ourselves and subsequently fall in love with ourselves that we attract great people. Like attracts like. So whatever we focus on we get. Better to say things like, “I’m just going out to have fun and to socialize with another person. I’m excited to see what kind of things we’ll talk about.” Then you go into the date from a general position. No pressure just ease and flow. 
SCBD: What kind of clients do you have? 
LC: Single men and married men. Those are my most common clients. I applaud men for taking action towards bettering themselves. Women tend to share more with each other so the group workshops where they get to come to Miami and then enjoy the beach and nightlife is what they like best. It’s interesting because the women and men both want to love and be loved but the way they want to learn is different. 
SCBD: Dating is definitely something I’m learning to master as I learn to love myself more. What is your advice? 
LC: Love of self is they key. The relationship between you and YOU, your inner Source who is always there and will never ever leave you is the most important relationship. That relationship must be unconditional and must always be the most important relationship. When we date we have to understand our own point of attraction. Ask the questions, “Where am I in my life? Am I happy with my life as it is single? Do I feel lonely, bored? Why do I want someone in my life now? What is the purpose of dating?” Really explore these questions because how we feel matters most and it will determine our point of attraction. A lot of people aren’t intentional when they date. They are conditional. Meaning, they are going out unaware of their own point of attraction. They may want to meet someone special but doubt they could. That leads to split energy and attracting someone who might be non committal and also doubtful. Bottom line, love yourself first and then attract from there. When you love yourself and approach life as an adventure that’s when you just go out for the fun of it or randomly run an errand or go to a dinner party for a friend and meet someone great. 
SCBD:  Any success stories? 
LC: Yes! I’m working with a client who wanted more quality time, less rushing around with his wife and kids. I suggested going for walks after dinner and the family members get to choose if they want to do or not. So the first night he went and the whole family went and he described it as being fully present and almost meditative. He said that it really helped them to bond more and it only was 30 minutes. I also suggested that they do a “Couple’s Weekend” where they take turns leaving their kids with another couple they are friends with who has kids the same age. This gives parents the ability to wake up whenever they want, go out to an adult dinner, and have the entire house to themselves. They can go for a road trip, do things that they wouldn’t normally do because the kids are around. They get to do this once per month. They then return the favor for the other couple. So they did this and were blown away at how connected they felt. 
I helped several people get over a breakup and back to themselves. The process inspired a book that I’m working on. 
Finally… I got over my own divorce and emotionally rattling rebound relationship that quickly followed. In February 2016, I eased into dating again after 5 months of healing and just focusing on being the sole creator of my happiness. I started seeing a man who I knew right away wasn’t for me long term but he was fun and when I eased into dating fun was an emotion I needed to feel. However when I saw it wouldn’t be more I ended it as friends. It was really empowering! Then in Mid May I had this urge to go to this particular place. I went and two friends met me there. I saw a guy who recognized me from Facebook and said hi. He introduced me to his friend and we ended up hitting it off. It’s been almost 2 months and we’re exclusive and enjoying learning about one another. So it’s nice and easy and chill no drama at all just ease and flow. He lives only 5 blocks away… talk about a manifestation!!   
Thanks for letting us interview you Lisa!! Make sure you check out her site and services and social media updates!! They do not disappoint.
XO Sara
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