#SCBDExclusive: The LELO HEX™ – The World’s First Condom Innovation in 70 Years



It’s fierce friday, and do you know what I think is sexy? Being protected. 

Structurally different, LELO is making HEX™ available globally to 10,000 backers to receive LELO HEX in advance, before the company launches in individual markets from September onwards. The future of condoms is NOW! I joined in on the campaign and you can to by clicking here.

And you can watch the product video here: https://youtu.be/JdaejFSKb0s

Charlie Sheen has joined forces with the world-leading pleasure brand LELO to unveil what experts describe as one of the most important innovations in sexual health for 70 years – LELO HEX™, the Condom Re-Engineered.


LELO HEX™ launched globally Monday on LELO.com at 12am EST, commencing a two-month ‘HEX Appeal’ project that aims to ‘revolutionize the world of condoms for good’. For this period, up to 10,000 backers are able to order LELO HEX™ before anyone else, with Charlie Sheen endorsing the project as the first major innovation in condoms for 70 years. Having attended an exclusive launch event for HEX™ in NYC on June 13th, Charlie Sheen will now travel to London to attend the UK event on June 16th.



In an exclusive interview for LELO, Charlie Sheen speaks candidly for the first time on condoms, why he feels condom usage continues to decline, and why LELO HEX™ can revolutionize safe sex for good. The footage shows:


  • Charlie Sheen’s personal views on condoms and the healing that came from the huge surge in STI-awareness after he announced his HIV-condition in November 2015.
  • His personal process of change since announcing his condition, and the role he can play in supporting LELO HEX.
  • His surprise at the lack of innovation in the condom industry, and personal opinions on how HEX™ can help remove the stigma that surrounds condoms today.

Of the launch, Charlie Sheen said, “Announcing my HIV condition gave me a new sense of purpose in speaking actively on sexual health. That’s why LELO HEX™ is such an important project for me. Not only is it a revolutionary product that is ready to go – it’s something radically different that can help curb the rise of STIs and reduce the stigma on condom usage. If you want to change how people see condoms – a great place to start is by changing the condom itself!

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