#SCBDReflection: You are Worthy… #FierceFriday

scbdreflectionLately, I’ve been in my feelings a bit as much as I’m in denial of it. I am a perfectionist and am trying to do my best with the career path I’ve chosen so I can move up soon enough but I know it’ll take a lot of time and hard work. And knowing that I’m turning 27 this year and still at home bugs me all the time. People tell me all the time how inspiring I am and honestly lately sometimes it’s tiring and I wonder how I come off that way. I feel like I see my own imperfections so easy and with some of my issues its hard to find the rainbow in the clouds. Having this outlet, my baby surely helps because I get to work with some great talent, tell you all my perspective on life, love and more. I’m blessed to have this outlet and pray it will prosper with my message.

But consider this my love letter from me to you. We all have rough weeks where we almost burn out, give up on love or let down by it. But maybe its timing? Maybe it’s just off or just not meant to be.

But trust me, you can overcome it and you are worthy of the best and most loving of love in the world. Be patient. Always wake up with a purpose. Whether its to get down a recipe or knife cut at work, blog post before 7:15PM, or talking to someone you have yet to have balls, too. The only person who can truly hold you back at the end of the day is yourself. Remember that. Shit happens and it can be easily prevented.  Don’t give up.

Last, the power of positive thinking does wonders and open doors. Hold you head high and take ownership of what you do. We all go through rough patches but the sun on the other side is amazing!!! And you can get through anything, trust in yourself, believe in yourself and you’ll do wonders. 

Peace, love, and tons of positive vibes babes XO

But believe this (stolen from HerThoughts36 Insta):


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