#SCBDReflection: The best way to date-DON’T!



Hi, I’m Sara. I’m 26. I love food, wine, and people watching. My goal is to be an executive chef within the next ten years and right now I’m starting from the bottom.I have a degree from FDU, I know marketing and pr. And I also have a blog that I try to have a post up daily. I love to work and have no shame calling myself a workaholic. In fact, its a Saturday night before I work ALOt– yes a fuckload tomorrow but I had to get this off my chest and I have some work to do before I get some sleep tonight. 

As I’ve mentioned, this August marks two years single for me. And I may even throw a party lol but anyway last year in case you missed it– I kind of a had a dating blog with a former friend, you can still find it at The DRS Diaries. It hasn’t been updated in like a year but I was the Sally character and it basically was most of my first year single. A LOT  has changed since then and i’M MORE SINGLE THAN EVER!!! Okay, end rant. 


I wish I counted how many dates and encounters I’ve had since being single but I’m officially done.  Done, trying. Following up. The only thing I want to chase is drinks, food (duh), and my dreams.  Dating is just so messed up nowadays anyway. I’ve been on and off Tinder, etc. Literally every person I’ve been interested in doesn’t work out one way or another and I’m done with that.  I’ve never been one to deny a date but I’m making my standards higher, not settling, or being whatever about things. I’m human, I’m not perfect so I’m going to try.

Stay tuned and let me know if you dig posts like this, I’ll try to fit them in when I feel them, etc. IF you can relate please comment, etc! 

Cheers to continuing my dating fast, kinda and to being chased.

XO Sara

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