#SCBDFavorite: Get Summer Ready with these #OnTheGo Essentials!


hair products

I don’t know about you but I plan on having a pretty busy, productive and fun summer. You know, work hard play hard! I work in a kitchen now so it definitely gets pretty sweaty and messy. And I know I’ll have some days and nights where I’m going to have to do quick fixes and go out! I was sent some of these, perfect on-the-go essentials and have not stopped using them since. My hair looks perfect and is staying hydrated and I think if you get a chance you should grab them yourself before summer is in full swing.


dry shampoo

Bosley Professional Strength BosRenew Volumzing Dry Shampoo ($18.95 at Ulta.com):

Unlike any other dry shampoo on the market, this volumizing must-have product is formulated with DHT inhibitors to help maintain healthy hair and scalp, making it perfect for fine and thinning hair. Dirt, excess oil and product build-up are absorbed without making hair feel weighed down, while extending the time between washes. As an added bonus, this breakthrough dry shampoo provides UV protection that not only defends hair against photo-aging, but also helps to stimulate the metabolic function of cells.

scar screen

NEW! Dermaflage ScarScreen SPF 30 ($25, 2 fl oz./60g at Dermaflage.com)

So, what’s different and exciting about this SPF product? Dermaflage is a sunscreen especially for scars! Scar tissue is fragile and particularly susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun, which is why Dermaflage developed ScarScreen SPF 30, the perfect protection for scars’ sensitive skin. Ideal for use following cosmetic procedures, doctors recommend sun protection for minimizing a scar and preventing hyperpigmentation. This dermatologist-tested, non-irritated and hypoallergenic product contains no synthetic chemicals, is fragrance free and is specially formulated to work with Dermaflage topical filler (or without it)!

phyto set

PHYTO Ultimate Hydration Travel Set ($25, 1.7 oz. Phytojoba Intense Hydration Brilliance Shampoo, 1.7 oz. Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Brilliance Mask, 1 oz. Huile Soyeuse Lightweight Hydrating Oil at Sephora.com)
An essential three-piece travel kit to help hair stay hydrated while locking in moisture for luminous, healthy-looking hair. This trio is your answer to conditioned, smooth, healthy-looking hair. The hydrating, fast-acting shampoo restores moisture to dry hair without weighing it down. Jojoba oil combined with mallow and cornflower extracts (40 percent) instantly replenishes hair with moisture while restoring its natural protective barrier. Hair regains its softness, elasticity, and shine. Ideal for all hair types, the deep hydrating hair mask helps restore softness and luster. It’s enriched with nourishing jojoba oil and melts into a luxurious hair softener to deliver intense hydration and weightless detangling. A unique concentration of angelica seed extract (78 percent) and sweet orange essential oil imparts brilliance and vitality. The ultra-lightweight, beautifying treatment oil delivers serious hydration to dry, fine hair with incredible softness. The 98 percent natural, silicone-free formula can be used prior to blow drying or as a finishing touch to soften, control, tame flyaways and frizz, and add extraordinary shine.


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