#SCBDReflection: #SingleLadyConfessions It’s Okay to #DateYourself




I’m all about keeping it real when I cover something for you guys. And I know it sounds taboo and a bit cliche but I’ve decided that I need to write an article about one of my favorite things to do lately. After a long day of work, or just a chill day when i need to get out of the house I like to take myself out. I know it takes a lot of ‘balls’ and maybe weird but I’ve finally come to the point in my singleness and life that I can go out, socialize, make friends and maybe even work on my own and enjoy it. 

Like, right now I am at a bar by myself — working of course but I have come to the point where I comfortable and am confident in myself that I just say why not and go for it. And usually it ends in experiences that have molded me as a person whether I meet someone, run into an old friend, or have a good hour or productivity not being bothered checking my emails. 

If you follow me on Snapchat its usually on there too. I also like taking myself to the movies. Its perfect because you don’t have to worry about a thing and I’ll leave it at that.  

Are you single like me? Have you ever gone out alone? Would you? I really would love to know! I know some of my friends have yet to take the plunge but it’s kind of become ‘my thing.’  I mean you have to learn to enjoy your own company and love yourself before you can anyone else right? Maybe my option can get costly but it is very liberating for me. 

Don’t worry I have a lot in store for you guys this summer. No matter how hectic my schedule gets I will be keeping you guys in the know! 

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