#DealAlert: Get 10% cashback on your Groupon Deals with .@GetTuba



Everyone loves a good deal and when it comes to going out lately times are tough!  Well there is a new app called Tuba. Tuba is easy to use. It shows you what food & drink Groupons are nearest to you and offers an exclusive 10% cashback on each deal purchased. 

Click here to get the app on Google Play.

 Here is how it works:
  • The app tells you what food and drink Groupon deals are near you. 
  • When you want to go out to eat, you can check the app for deals close to you to decide where to go (something the Groupon app does not do for some reason).
  • When you walk into a restaurant that already has a deal, the app will alert you so you never miss one.
  • After you have had your food or drink, the app gives you 10% cashback into your account for extra savings.
Dawud Gordon, the co-founder and CEO has a PhD in data science and his goal is to give users the best deals based on their personal preferences.
Who couldn’t love an app like this? I can’t wait until its available on ITunes! All my follower with Androids make sure get the app and tell me what you think!!
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