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I hope you all had a fabulous time following me with my posts of my Skinny Teatox. I absolutely loved it and am so excited to share my story and adventure through the 14-day Skinny Teatox program!

I had a wonderful time on the Skinny Teatox! I absolutely loved the program, it really allowed me to focus on my health and maintain a regular routine inside and out. It kept me regular internally with the aid of the evening tea. While the morning tea helped me keep my daily schedule on track! It gave me a reason to wake up; I was actually excited to get the energy of the morning Skinny Teatox tea. It gave me a wonderful boost to start my day; it allowed me to start the day on the right foot!

While on this 14 day Skinny Teatox, I felt so energized, motivated, and so happy. I was motivated to work-out and eat right as well as not feeling tired and run-down on those busy days. I highly recommend this program for you. It is great to kick-start your weight loss story. It allows you to get a head start on your fitness journey. It gives you a nice base to get on a routine. Tea is a great addition to any lifestyle, and this can help introduce you to more teas and then even future teatox’s from Skinny Teatox when you need that extra cleanse.

Day 11.2 and AWESOME PIC

I found Skinny Teatox helped me trim down my weight, I decided to start it 15 days before my vacation to the Dominican Republic with my family. I felt so healthy, not bloated at all, and really felt so comfortable with my body. I felt so energized and eager to get in my bikini and relax in a wonderful country. I was noticeably thinner and more toned, I felt internally regular and cleansed, and I was just so happy. I don’t focus a lot on the scale, but I did notice at my gym’s scale a decrease of over 8 pounds!

The energy I felt after my morning tea never ended with a crash, it really allowed me to maintain the energy needed to complete my day of work, school work, and exercise! It kept me going, and works a lot better than any coffee or high caffeinated sugary beverage would. I already am planning on doing another Skinny Teatox, I loved the flavor so much and the results were fabulous! The taste was very subtle and light, it really was refreshing! I believe anyone would enjoy the taste since it was no bitter or too strong of a flavor. The evening tea is a little more intense and flavorful; it reminded me of a tea I drink when I start to feel sick! So it might be one that some have to get used to, so at first it might be a good idea to add some honey or lemon to the tea to create a nice warm flavor. Try not to add sugar to it, but if you need to keep it to real sugar rather than artificial sugars.

Day 11.1

If you are not as big of a tea drinker as I am, and you want to change up the tea you can always make iced-tea out of the hot tea. First brew it hot and let it sit longer than usual, then poor over ice and add some lemon as you wish! I did this on my day 7. It was a hot day and I was ready to enjoy a nice cold drink when I woke up! I even treated to myself to a breakfast out with my best friend one morning, so I brought my tea and asked for hot water. The restaurant was so nice and allowed me complimentary hot water to use for my tea!

Feeling so energized also allowed me to stretch my cooking ability to create new items and dishes that I normally wouldn’t have had time for or the energy! I would love everyone to try this awesome Teatox with eating balanced meals along with exercise. I recommend getting out of your comfort zone and trying new classes and workouts, I recently started trying these great classes at my gym! Go out and be adventurous and enjoy life, treat your body well, and be happy!


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