#SCBDExclusive: #MFWF15 Grand Tasting



I absolutely love tastings; they allow you to visit different tables of wine, food, and fun! The final event in the Montclair Food and Wine Festival was the Grand Tasting held at the Montclair Art Museum. This place was so beautiful, and the tasting was in the auditorium. Two of us represented SCBD at the Grand Tasting, Jess and I! We met and walked in together. We were greeted with such wonderful people; everyone was so friendly and easy to chat with. We were handed an awesome wrist band and a beautiful glass for the wine tasting!


Walking in, I felt so happy! They had live music playing up on a light balcony, so it made the atmosphere so much better and relaxing! We started at the first table, and made our way around the entire room and up on the stage!



While everything was pretty delicious, I do have a few favorites of my own! My absolute top favorite place was Jarets Stuffed Cupcakes from Nutley, NJ. Spice 2 had a great assortment of peanut chicken skewer, dumpling, and Thai Iced Tea! The tea was so delicious! There were also rum samples from Busted Barrel Rum, there rum is so great and as a sampler they created three mixed drinks for us to try! They all were really good and creative. The wine was of course very delicious and I love being able to try other types of wine that I normally would not buy! Of course, my favorite though was the Champaign! A notable mention is the Olive Oil table, Olive That! They had such a delicious lemon bar. I usually do not like these, but these specific ones were so delicious! I am also not a huge coffee drinker, but Java Love created a delicious spiked coffee with iced cream for us, definitely worth trying! Finally, the Chocolate from Dolce Federica was outstanding and all fresh made. It is really hard to not list the entire contents of the tasting. There was really nothing that I absolutely disliked and I would recommend every place that was there. Everyone was so nice and the food and drink was so fresh!




The items really did vary from variety from fish and Zucchini bread to cupcakes, Donuts, and chocolate to gazpacho and olive oils! There was Thai Food, Italian Food, Indian Food, dessert places, catering places, steak places, and even a French bistro. I highly recommend for you to check updates from the Montclair Wine and Food Festival for next years, it is beyond worth it and so much fun! You will have a blast and I hope to see you again next year! Happy Tasting!


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