#SCBDPreview: The Start of The @Skinny_Teatox 14-Day Teatox Journey


I am so excited to announce the opportunity for me to share my experience with Skinny Teatox’s 14 Day Skinny Teatox. This teatox is unlike the others, as it is “Made with 100% natural ingredients that promote good health and weight loss” (skinny-teatox.com). It is based out of Canada, which is great because it is so close and is not over sea’s and so far away. This tea, along with diet and exercise, will promote healthy digestion, detoxifying, aid in burning calories, weight loss, and help suppress your appetite along with increasing energy. It is not only for women, but aimed towards men with their Men Teatox.


On their website, www.skinny-teatox.com, you can see a more detailed description of their products and more about the Teatox. It basically consists of a Morning tea and an Evening Tea. The Morning tea will help supply energy all day and increase your metabolism and help curve your appetite. This tea is to be drunk every morning or afternoon for 14 days. The evening tea is more of the detoxification tea, that will help flush out toxins in your body. This evening tea is to be consumed every other evening. On their site, there is also a great list of foods to eat plenty of and to avoid, this will only aid the effects of the tea even more and get you to understand the healthy from unhealthy and you will see how better you feel, along with the tea.

Skinny Teatox Starter Kit

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Day 1 of my #teatox from @SkinnyTeatox I am so excited to start this journey! Be sure to follow me, and watch out for the end before and after shots! #skinny #skinnyteatox #scbd #tea #drinktea @Smchickbigdeals @Smallchickbigdeals @Skinny_Teatox


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This is a full list of the items Skinny Teatox offers! They have special savings sometimes too, so check them out at www.skinny-teatox.com

7 Day, 14 Day, and 28 Day Skinny Teatox (as well as a Mint Teatox)

Skinny Teatox Fat Free Chocolate Energy Tea

Skinny Teatox Starter Kit

Teatox With a Friend (2X- 14 Days Teatox)

14 Day and 28 Day Skinny Teatox for Men

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