#SCBDReview: Dine Like Batman at Gotham in #RedBank


Gotham just recently opened in Red Bank this month. Coming in I really didn’t know what to expect but I heard it was a great place. It’s better than that, it was an amazing experience from the food to the atmosphere and of course the prohibition style cocktails! It’s perfection and since Lauren and I are both Batman fans it made it even better! The restaurant looks like the Wayne mansion and has Batman memorabilia throughout it! It’s definitely our new spot!!! I tried two amazing gin cocktails during our dinner, the Corpse Reviver and my new favorite, The Decent Man (pictured below)! As Lauren mentions below, the food knocked us off our feet too! Everything was full of flavor! It was unbelievable!! The lollipop lamb chops definitely were my favorite app!!! All our other appetizers were great too and the “Jimmy” burger was fantastic!!! Perfect for us to share! Dessert knocked me off my feet because I know cognac and we got to try the cognac gelato that is served with the desserts!!! It was phenemonal!! Gotham not only has a great, flavorful food and one of a kind cocktails but it is surely bringing something new and amazing to Red Bank!!!! Cheers to that!

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Dining at Gotham was an experience that I can’t stop talking about. From the beautiful decor to the amazing food, there is nothing but great things to say about the restaurant. Being big Batman fans, Sara and I definitely were impressed by how well the restaurant conveyed Gotham in their space. The staff is very educated on all of the menu items and definitely will give great suggestions if needed.

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Our appetizers which were the manor chips, lollipop lamb chops, and beer battered calamari were just so delicious! We couldn’t get enough of the lamb chops particularly and wished we had more. Our entree, a burger called Jimmy, was a burger with a fried egg and bourbon maple bbq sauce.

unnamed (1)


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The flavors in the burger were great. All of the menu items are so innovative. We are always on the lookout for places who do things a little differently and come up with fresh ideas. Gotham definitely does that! The cocktail menu was definitely our favorite. A lot of classic cocktails are offered, but with a modern twist.My favorite was a smoked baked apple manhattan. The combination of the smokey apple flavor and the bourbon created such a delicious drink. Gotham provides a fresh, new dining experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Red Bank. I definitely recommend it and I can’t wait to go back!


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