#SCBDReview: O Face Doughnuts in Las Vegas


Let me start off by saying– in Pennsylvania, I’ve never come across a place that serves homemade doughnuts. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I’ve just never seen anything like O Face Doughnuts in Las Vegas!


My man, Brett and I, took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada this past week and had a decent time. We wish we had more time, but next time we’ll do more. Anywho, we took a taxi to South 6th street to enjoy some good ol’ fashioned doughnuts. I ordered a Vanilla Vegan Glazed Doughnut and an Iced Coconut Milk Chai while he opted for a S’mores Doughnut and a Bacon Maple Doughnut along with an Iced Mocha Latte. 


We both thoroughly enjoyed the doughy taste. He said his was sweet and delicious. Mine felt soft, melted in my mouth and fresh. That’s the thing about this place, it’s all fresh. According to their website, all of their doughnut fillings, including preserves, creams, and curds are made fresh in-house, and will be featured seasonally in most cases. They’re made from scratch using the highest quality seasonal ingredients. Their “in hand” doughnuts are made fresh throughout the day and their sweet and savory selection are made to order, served hot and straight from the fryer, says their O Faced Doughnuts site. 

His doughnuts.

Did I mention that aren’t that expensive either? My doughnut was only $1.25 and his was only $2.25! Like- that’s not too bad and for the taste, it’s worth every penny!


We enjoyed eating our doughnuts and would go back in a heart beat! If you’re ever in Las Vegas, I thoroughly recommend visiting O Face Doughnuts. Trust me, you will not be sorry! I promise.

Happy eating!

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