#SCBDReview: Flo Rida’s BERRY FLO FUSION workout suppliment


I was lucky enough to be able to review this amazing product. Flo Fusion created by music sensation Flo Rida is a pre-workout powder supplement you add to your water. It not only increases your endurance but promotes healthy energy and the ability to burn 100 plus calories or more during your workout. At first thought I loved the eye catching packaging and right to the point instructions. I started taking this supplement on a Monday and by Friday I could feel the difference in my workouts already. I wasn’t struggling to keep going I felt strong and powered through each day.



I LOVE that there are no added ingredients such as sugar, preservatives or artificial colors. That is very important to me because I am on a very specific diet that does not allow taking anything with artificial sugar. Most products today claiming to do what Flo Fusion does are loaded with so many unheeded additives it makes me feel confident taking this supplement know its healthy energy not just unpronounceable ingredients.



What also really stood out is the amount of vitamins already preloaded into this product. I have a B-12 deficiency so it made me happy to see its one of the ingredients already listed on the label. As far as taste I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves berry they really hit the flavor right on the head. It doesn’t taste bitter or overly berry it’s a perfect addition to your water bottle. I enjoy taking this product and can already see the improvement in my performance at the gym. Since starting this product I am down four pounds with Flo Fusion, moderate activity and a healthy meal plan. If you are looking for a game changer this is it! Try Flo Fusion today, you’ll be glad you did!





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