#SCBDExclusive Interview with .@Halo_Havenn founder, Liz Leo!

Halo Havenn is an Etsy shop founded by Liz Leo. Not only are her customized halos chic, they are also incredibly affordable for anyone looking to accessorize an outfit. I was sent a halo a few months ago and I love it! She also started a bracelet line I plan on getting my hands on. We caught up with her for an exclusive interview on Halo Havenn and where her inspiration came from & more!
pink front view
pink medieum size - looking down
SCBD: When did you start Halo Havenn
LL: I started in November 2014 – creating headbands and hair ties for myself, my friends, and my family.
SCBD: Who and/or what inspired you to start Halo Havenn?
LL: I was inspired by my friends and family to expand to sell my products to small boutiques and online.The continuous support of my friends and family has encouraged me to pursue my dreams.
SCBD: What’s your best selling halo?
LL: The Lindsie halo is by far the best seller.  Who doesn’t love a little glitter right!
SCBD:  What’s your personal favorite halo?
LL: My personal favorite is the Ashley halo — I just love leopard.
SCBD:  Where do you see the company going in the next five years?
LL:  I am hoping to expand to numerous small boutiques and hopefully some private label business as well
SCBD:  What advice do you have for entreperenuerial milennials?
LL: Follow your dreams.  If you do not take the chance you will never know what could be.  Don’t dream about it – Do it!
SCBD: What’s a motto you live by? Why?
LL: A motto I live by is:  Don’t Dream about it – Do it — I live by this motto because it encourages me to follow my dreams every day.  Every time I get discouraged or want to give up I think about my motto and figure out what my next step should be in order to move forward.
SCBD:  What should SCBD readers know?
LL: I love doing personal orders and creating custom halos 🙂 I want my products to be enjoyed by their owners just as much as i enjoy making them 🙂
 Lindsie Halo2
Emily Looking Down
Check out Halo Havenn today to order your own halo!


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