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In case you didn’t know, I love to cook. Not just for myself but I love cooking for get togethers, amongst other foodies, and always question whether or not I should become a chef. Because of that I’ve gone back and forth too many times to decide whether or not I should go to culinary school to get classic training like knife skills and the basics, etc.

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A few months ago, I found out a local cooking school and store opened in Old Bridge called Heirloom Kitchen. I have been dying to take a class there and look forward to covering one. Then about a month ago I found out they were having an Adult Culinary Bootcamp from August 5-8th, 10am-2pm. I am extremely blessed to announce that thanks to my sponsors Jarlsberg  & Wild Hibiscus. I will be attending this intense four day bootcamp.

And here’s what I have to look forward to at the Adult Culinary Bootcamp:

  • Day One Kitchen Basics: Knife Skills, the Chicken and the Egg. Today at Heirloom Kitchen you will tackle some of the basics in cooking including knife skills, chickens and eggs. Which one came first, the chicken or the egg? Today we settle the age-old question by cooking both!
  • Whether you’re a chef-in-training or never held a knife before you will learn the basics of the knife-block and how to use and cut with each. Learn the basic cuts in French cooking and apply them to the daily menu.
  • Chicken and eggs two pantry proteins – packed with nutrients and deliciousness, but often overcooked. Friday nights will become Roast Chicken Friday Nights when you learn how to truss and butcher a chicken, toss with seasonal farm-fresh ingredients. Use eggs to learn the different between soft and hardboiled eggs, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, carbonara and pavlovas.
  • Day Two – How to Navigate the Market: A Week’s Worth of Meals & Tour of Whole Foods Market Marlboro. Supermarkets can be intimidating to an uneasy cook. This morning we will visit Whole Foods Market Marlboro and learn how to navigate a supermarket – produce to pantry. Gather ingredients to create a week’s worth of meals – without waste. Streamline dinners into lunches into dinners.
  • Return to Heirloom and using the knife skills from Day One prepare your “weeks” worth of meals.
  • Day Three – Pastries!! Today is our final day in the kitchen and what better way to celebrate it than with dessert! Learn how to create the basics of baking including pie crust, flourless chocolate cake, cupcakes, breakfast breads/muffins and seasonal spreads.
  • Day Four– Farm Visit, exact location TBC. Let’s get back to our roots – literally! Today we a local farm and explore the inner workings of a live farm. Tour the property, visit the animals and pick produce we will take back and make our meal with at Heirloom Kitchen. Finish your boot camp with a festive meal around the farm table.

Interested in attending? Click the link, here to sign up! It’s $450 for the entire bootcamp.

I am very excited to attend this and expand my culinary skills! Stay tuned because I’ll be posting recipes using Jarlsberg & Wild Hibiscus using skills & techniques I learned at bootcamp.

Happy Cooking & Eating! Cheers!

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