#SCBDEvent Philly Fit Bash


As you may know, I’m a fitness guru, so when I found out about the Philly Fit Bash in Newtown, PA, I was pumped and wanted to attend this event! It was filled with my crowd– those with a passion in health & fitness, gym rats and workout nazis! I soaked it up and loved every second of it. I felt like I belonged because I have just as much passion for it as them.


I arrived wearing shorts and a tee to workout in. I knew there would be a workout-a-thon and I desperately needed to be part of it. There were health & fitness vendors, massages, free samples, and killer guys and gals who danced on poles!


My two friends came along for the event, but left shortly after it began. But, I needed to stay to meet Jami Appenzeller,Publisher/Owner of PHILLYFIT Magazine. She’s a lovely lady who is built to the core. She’s gorgeous and I commend her for publishing such an incredible magazine and having an extraordinary event!


It wasn’t only for grown-ups, there were also children and teens at the event.

I’d say my absolute fave thing was the workout-a-thon. There were various fitness gurus who took the stage in order to get us motivated to follow. From yoga, salsa dancing, hardcore moves, kicks, leg lifts, ab crunches, the intensity was high! I stuck with each and didn’t quit because I was too tired! I finished strong and stayed for the entire event! I mean, I won’t lie, I was tired afterward, but felt very accomplished and proud of myself. I had worked out once that morning and then pushed myself to the max later.

I began working out in high school, but it was not as intense as now. I often workout 4-5 times per week. On days when I don’t get to the gym, I still try to do some sort of physical activity, whether its walking my dog, swimming or jogging around my section. I’m¬†always performing some sort of exercise!

I would attend this event next year and the year after that! I got a great workout, free samples, a massage and goodies to take home.

So, therefore, when you think you can’t, trust me, you can!

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