#SCBDReview: FiDi Dining at BLT Bar and Grill




Wine Boy and I headed down to FiDi (the Financial District) to have dinner and drinks on a lovely summer evening at BLT Bar and Grill. The BLT Bar and Grill is located at the W New York-Downtown, and you cannot miss the large, rectangular edifice with a large, black banner in the middle stretching across the building which advertises the W Residences next door. To start the evening at BLT, I sipped the deliciously smooth Rose Syrah, a Cape Bleue Rose, 2013 from France. For $10 a glass, it was surprisingly one of the smoothest glasses of Syrah I have ever had. The wine was woody with a hint of oak. Being a French wine, the fruitiest of the Syrah was not the major player so much as the character and terroir of a wine which I found to be a great value for the price—especially for Manhattan. Meanwhile, Wine Boy had a glass of Prosecco, a Capsaldo, NV from Veneto for $11 a glass. It is always the correct occasion for a glass of bubbly.


We began our appetizer round with the fried calamari, a classic appetizer with the works: a lemon wedge, green tomato, and pepperoncini dipping sauce. It was a simple delight, and usually a safe bet for a restaurant. Then, for dinner, he enjoyed a small pizza pie with fennel sausage, broccoli rabe, mozzarella, and pecorino. New York pizza is also a safe bet. I was unable to try a piece as I was too busy chomping down on the Friday night special. On Friday nights, the BLT Bar and Grill special is a Ginger Crusted Chatam Cod with Leak Saubise. The cod was cooked perfectly, and the sauce tasted amazingly delicious. I ate every bite, and I would have probably drunk the broth if it was socially acceptable to do so in public.



We were originally aiming to the tiramisu for dessert. Our waiter smiled at us and insisted that the peach cobbler was much better. How could we say no? The peach cobbler was not on the dessert menu, so it was most likely the special for the evening. The peach cobbler was, in fact, quite delicious. Wine Boy and I certainly had an enjoyable, quiet evening at BLT Bar and Grill on a Friday outside on the BLT terrace.





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Twitter for BLT Bar and Grill – @BLTBarGrill

Facebook Page for BLT Bar and Grill – www.facebook.com/bltbarandgrill

Main Website – http://www.e2hospitality.com/blt-bar-grill-new-york/

Pictures courtesy of  Kelly Ann Gonzales and BLT Bar and Grill

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