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I’m super excited, a new show called Young & Hungry is premiering this Wednesday on ABC Family! We will surely be celebrating with some small bites & drinks at SCBD HQ.  The show is based off real-life food blogger and founder of BrokeAss Gourmet, Gabi Moskowitz. Check out my exclusive interview with her below!


SCBD:  How did you come up with blog?

GM: A lot of people lost their jobs with the economy crash in 2008. It left a lot people helpless who didn’t know how to cook or didn’t think they were good at it. I wanted to start a source of info that would be useful and straightforward and not intimidating and inexpensive.

I also saw that people would be off put with list of ingredients. So I started the 50 dollar ingredients pantry that included simple ingredients like  flour, salt, etc and how to use those ingredients with fresh ingredients. All my recipes never exceed $20 and are straightforward and won’t break the bank.

SCBD: I see you have cookbooks out. How did that start?

GM: I saw a shift in the blogosphere. If you want to write a book, a blog can be a great partnership for that. A place to gather a lot of your blog. 2 ½ years in writing my blog, I was found by a publisher. A friend mine was writing for the company and helped facilitate experience. Before I knew it one book turned into two.

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You can buy her cookbooks, here.

SCBD: What’s your favorite recipe?

I can’t pick one. I love veggies and unprocessed food. Currently the Broke Ass Vegetarian Noodles is my fave because I love noodles with crunchy fresh veggies

One of my most popular recipes was Brown Butter Pumpkin Mac & cheese 2010 which has been featured in the NY Times, cookbooks and more. It has pureed unsweetened pumpkin in the cheese sauce, extends the cheese sauce.

SCBD: How do you curate your recipes?

GM:  I’m inspired by food that I eat in restaurants and anything seasonal. I am at farmer’s market’s often to see what is fresh. I usually buy fruit or vegetables and build around fresh herbs. I also love going to a restaurant, try something I like and recreate it. I also love reinventing classic food, for holidays tweaks it up a bit.

SCBD: How did Young & Hungry come about? What are you excited about?

GM: You can read my full story on my blog post, here. I’m extremely excited, we have been taping webisodes and fun shorts to go with the show. I can’t believe the premiere is coming so soon.

gabi and rex

SCBD: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs?

Here is my advice:

Bloggers- The #1 way to get people to your blog is to make it big. Have a lot of high quality content. Write even when you don’t think its good, edit it after. It doesn’t matter, just start writing. Worry about the details after.

Also, you shouldn’t blog about something unless your not obsessed with it. It can become a full time career, so find your angle. You don’t want to blend in. Find an angle. For me it was inexpensive, high quality food. Do one thing extremely well.

Last, no matter how much you think about it before you start, its going to change its going to get better and better. Always be open to change and adapting to them and feedback. Shift it as necessary.

SCBD: What’s a quote that you live by?

GM: “Eat food, not too much. Mostly plants.” – Michael Pollan

“Work your ass off and be a mensch to everyone.” – Stuart Schuffman (link: www.brokeassstuart.com)




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