#SCBDEventRecap: .@Dishcrawlnj Host’s First Dishcrawl in New Brunswick!


Food Adventure definitely broke out last Thursday night  In New Brunswick. When Siobhan Dishcrawl’s NJ Ambassadors hosted  DishcrawlNJ’s first Dishcrawl  in New Jersey ever and boy was it a success! Fellow Foodies Met at Pannico’s Restaurant in New Brunswick which was the first of three locations we would be stopping at throughout the night. Siobhan got involved with Dishcrawl because she was looking for a part time job with flexible hours since her and her husband also own Pinot’s Wine ship in highland park which has been around since 1920. Siobhan is definitely a foodie and says Dishcrawl is a great crossover between her other job. She has a big history of event planning which helped her when planning this event. Dishcrawl has offered her a lot of training and support and was almost a “No brainer” for her to become an ambassador. This is her first dishcrawl as well and she is looking forward to the turnout and to see how everyone responds and how the restaurants feel. She pointed out that It was harder to get the word out since not everyone knows about Dishcrawl yet.

walk (2)

  Photo by: Khahlidra Levister

First Stop: Pannico’s Restaurant was a gorgeous Italian restaurant. Elegant and classy . They provided us with three traditional Italian dishes; I enjoyed the dishes, but nothing WOW’d me. I was shocked to also see the restaurant was dead we were the only customers in the restaurant.



  Photo by: Khahlidra Levister

Second Stop: Delta’s, Wow was this so different than the first stop. Jammed Packed it was hard for us to make out way through the door. Filled with people and live music that had customers dancing and on their feet. Not only was the atmosphere fun and lively the food was fantastic! The owner and executive chef came out to introduce themselves which was so personable it really was the icing on the cake. We were served a Philly Cheesestake egg role, Fried Mac and Cheese Bite and Peach BBQ ribs. Delta’s is a unique Hole in the wall eclectic restaurant. For a Fun night out with live, music and great drink specials. Delta’s is a place you do not want to pass up. As one of the fellow foodie’s on the tour described our experience as “YES, YES & YES”.



  Photos by: Khahlidra Levister

Third & Last Stop: George Street Ale House was our third and last stop of the night. Just a short walk away from Delta’s. George Street Ale House provided a completely different atmosphere than Delta’s did. GS Ale House seemed to be more of a local’s bar where customers come in to enjoy sports games. They have many TV’s which is great to come with your friends to get drinks,snacks and watch the game. Here we had two different kinds of wings and a small version of the GS Ale House burger. I would definitely recommend coming here for the Happy Hour Specials!

Keep your eye open for the next DishCrawl event for $45 dollars this foodie night out is a steal. With ton’s of great food, fellow foodies and laughs you will be left stuffed and completely satisfied. I can’t wait for the next Dishcrawl!


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