#SCBDReview: El Balconcito Food


Music filled El Balconcito, on Castor Street in Philadelphia, PA on one Saturday night. My two brothers and I were greeted by a Peruvian woman, who seated us at a table with three menus. My one brother is nearly fluent in Spanish and asked for his drink in Spanish. My other brother followed suit and so did I.


At Temple, I received a Spanish certificate, so I know a little bit of the language. It took me a while to decide what to order. There was both a Peruvian and Portuguese menu.┬áMy brothers chose Lomo Saltado and I picked Tallarines Saltados de Pollo, which is a spaghetti dish with veggies. I was a bit skeptical about ordering in spanish because my pronunciation is a bit off, so I pointed to the item and she wrote it down. I added “sin ajo,” which means “without garlic.”

The restaurant was filled with various spanish families grubbing on some food and speaking their language. When we received our meals, it was time to join the others. I was served a heaping plate of loin mein-looking spaghetti with soy sauce that dripped off my plate. The chicken was roasted and yummy in the tummy. Onions, pesto, ginger, tomato, salt and pepper were added as well.


We all enjoyed our dishes and the others around us who spoke amongst themselves. It was my brothers idea to try out this delectable restaurant because they love trying spanish food. I’d certainly say this experience has taught me one thing– practice speaking spanish again so I don’t lose it!

I would thoroughly recommend trying this delicious Peruvian restaurant if you’re craving something different one night!

Happy eating!

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