#SCBDExclusive: Frugal & Fab #Travel Tips


Memorial Day is right around the corner, marking the ideal time to start planning summer trips!  But before you start panicking about money and how to afford all the amazing places your social calendar demands, check out some tips to help you become a frugal and fabulous traveler.

1.  Boutique is the New Black Bag – When traveling to new cities, ditch the predictable hotel chains and stay at a boutique hot spot that’s as unique as you are.  Check out Stayful.com and save around 32% on the funkiest hotels where you’ll feel like Kardashian royalty, instead of just another patron.


2.  Never Commit – Whether you’re going to a wedding, a reunion or a sexy night out for your besty’s bachelorette party…you need to look amazing.  But don’t feel pressured to spend hundreds on designer fashions that you’ll probably only wear once, rent it and move on.  Check out Rent the Runway and Bag, Borrow or Steal to ensure you’re fabulous from head to toe…and wrist.

3.  All Black Everything – Can’t afford your own limo, but you need to roll up in style?  Don’t even THINK about getting into a smelly yellow cab.  Download Uber and have a luxury black sedan or SUV pick you up and deliver front door service so you can show up in style…with a driver opening your door.

4.  Plastic Please – We aren’t suggesting you build up thousands in debt, but if you can swing it, check out the US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard.  After one purchase, you receive a free round trip ticket anywhere in the U.S.

 5.  Ballin’ on a Budget – Looking to dine at the hottest spots in your new city, but not into paying $50 for an appetizer?  Check out Savored, a site that offers discounts at excellent and trendy restaurants around the country.  So not only do you enjoy yummy dishes for less, you can Facebook check-in at popular restaurants and make all your friends jealous!

6.  It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere – When you’re on vacation, it’s always happy hour.  But don’t pay $15 for a dirty martini, check out Happy Hours to find the best drink specials in your area.  And who knows, you might find a group of local lads who pick up your tab….making it the happiest of happy hours!

7.  Big Hair Don’t Care – Looking to get your “hair did” for a night out on the town while on vacation? Don’t spend $60 at the hotel salon, check out DryBar and walk out a Beyonce Bombshell for as low as $40.

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