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When I walked into Havana Central on West 46th street in New York, the atmosphere was loud, chaotic and busy. Well, I guess National Empanada Day had something to do with it, right? Probably. Regardless, I was assigned to try these wonderful empanadas and reveal just how fabulous they tasted.

I was greeted by Ashley, the lovely Social Media and Marketing Manager, who took me under his wing and sat with me as I tried three empanadas. Since I cannot have cheese,(Yes it’s a total buzzkill, don’t you think I know?) I chose Chicken Sofrito, Shrimp Sofrito and Beef Picadillo. All of them crunchy, had a nice texture and yummy in the tummy. I requested dipping sauce and Ashley proudly provided mojo, a garlic dipping sauce and chimichurri, a green pesto sauce. Both of them were delicious!


My one-on-one with Ashley consisted of speaking about the multiple restaurants in New York, there are four total. They might soon open up in Jersey as well. He confessed that some people are skeptical of trying cuban food because they believe it’s spicy. Guess what? The empanadas I consumed weren’t spicy one bit, instead, they were scrumptious and crispy.


If you asked me which was my absolute favorite, I’d have to go with the Shrimp Sofrito Empanada, which was filled with chunks of shrimp! I ate that puppy by cutting off the pieces with knife and fork to enjoy the taste.

Along with the empanadas, Ashley and I drank mojitos, which consisted of white rum, sugar, usually sugar cane lime juice, sparkling water, and mint. Since I’m such a light weight, I sort of felt in without the first few sips. It was my first mojito and I felt privileged to drink it in the company of Ashley.

When I searched Havana Central’s website, I found some fun and interesting facts. Did you know over 700,000 mojitos and over one million empanadas have been sold? This goes to show you how delectable and delicious this restaurant is!


Every weekday they offer happy hour from 3-7pm. Times Square location is from 4-7pm

$6 Classic Mojitos and Margaritas • $4 Beers • $5 House Wine • $7 Sangria
for Times Square and Yonkers locations

Havana Central Upper West Side Offers $6 Well Drinks During Happy Hour

$1 Empanadas every Tuesday at Times Square and Yonkers locations and Wednesdays at Upper West Side locations

Happy Eating!

*Disclaimer: The PR team paid for my meal. I was not required to write about these experiences and my opinions are my own and unbiased.*

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