SCBDEventRecap: @PEDALNYC 2nd Anniversary Party


When it comes to fitness, anyone who knows me will describe my outlook in one word: obsessed. Naturally, when I got the opportunity to attend PEDAL NYC’s 2nd anniversary party, I was ecstatic. PEDAL stands for “Physical Excellence Delivered Around Life,” but they’re not just referring to how they can change your body and your life. The PEDAL facility is divided into two rooms: the SpinBin and the Catalyst. The SpinBin is a room of cycles where you can get your spin on and sweat your butt off and the Catalyst sports TRX (suspension bodyweight training), Sandbells, Kettlebells, as well as plyometrics equipment for the ultimate burn.

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When I arrived at PEDAL NYC, I was welcomed warmly. Mr. Ray, a known fitness expert and co-owner, met me at the door with a smile and gave me a tour of the facility. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff. After my tour, I took a glass of wine and a plate of snacks and started mingling. Everyone around me was REALLY fit, but it was clear upon meeting and talking with some of the instructors and members that PEDAL NYC offers a lot more than intense workouts. The sense of community at PEDAL NYC is unparalleled by any fitness group that I have seen in a long time. I heard numerous stories from people who had tried other gyms, but couldn’t imagine anything after joining PEDAL NYC. As I made my rounds and thanked everyone for such an awesome evening, I was met with a challenge: come back next week for Sibling Smackdown with instructors JD and Lauren. I happily obliged.

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While I consider myself to be in excellent shape, nothing could have prepared me for my first class (and I ran a Spartan Race). The class took place in the Catalyst, and was 45-minutes of pure adrenaline. Between the heart-pumping soundtrack and the hilarious commentary from the instructors, the time flew by and I had a great time. Be aware, that while I had a great time, I sweat A LOT. The best aspect of the class was the support I got from the other members. Everyone was positive, enthusiastic, and the vibe was really incredible. The workout was tough (really tough), but

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the feeling I had when I was finished didn’t even compare.

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The only thing keeping me from joining myself is my location. Fortunately, PEDAL is coming to Hoboken soon.

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