#SCBDReview @MaxFlowSports headbands



My hair is long and it always gets in the way when I’m working out. It’s a pain in my tushy when my bangs fall in front of my face as I’m running on the treadmill or doing an intense set of crunches. Therefore, when I was asked to review MaxFlowSports headbands, I was more than happy to check these puppies out.

I chose royal blue and pink as my colors of choice. Not only did

I love how they stayed in place as I began my intensive routine, I also loved how tight they fit in my hair. I could slip on these bad boys and not have to worry about constantly adjusting them or making sure they’re in place.


I usually work out for an hour and 30 minutes and I kept checking in the mirror to see if it moved, but it never did. I was happy to find this asset to help make my workout more pleasant. It’s enough that you have to worry about your Ipod falling on the ground or needing to refill your water, I didn’t want to worry about my hair as well, but now that I’ve found MaxFlowSports’s headbands, it’s one less thing I need to focus on!


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