#SCBDGETReview: Letting Loose with Wild Chaild






This winter has been one of the coldest I can remember so far. Hot tea has become essential to warm me up! I’m also one of those strange and elite, as I like to think because there are so few of us, people who hates coffee. Most people cannot comprehend waking up in the morning without a cup of coffee to get them going. Well for me, the answer is tea! Almost every morning I have either an iced or hot tea to kick off the day.

When I heard Good Earth Tea would be letting the Small Chick Big Deals team try out some of their tea offerings I jumped on the occasion. Now there are a few things you should know about my relationship with tea before I give my Earth Tea review. A few years ago tea was on the “I hate list” right alongside of coffee but I acquired a taste for it after I discovered what I was missing (And no, my mind will never change about coffee-I don’t even like the smell. Yes, blasphemy, I know.) When I first started dabbling in tea drinking my palate was limited to liking plain Lipton tea with lemon. I have sampled and expanded my flavor choices over time but I must admit black tea with lemon is still my go-to.

Now that I have shared my tea drinking habits I would like to share my thoughts on Good Earth Tea. I was sent a sampling of their Wild Chaild tea. It is chai and black teas blended with an array of warming spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, chicory root, cloves and even black pepper. To me this sounded fantastic because I have always found I prefer spice flavors over fruity ones. After brewing my tea and letting it steep I noticed it had an intense aroma. To me it smelled like “Christmas” in a mug. I think this is because many of the seasonings that are in this blend are also often associated with holiday spices.


After poring myself a nice big mug and saddling up on the couch I took my first big sip. I found it had a highly concentrated spiced taste. This may be because I may have let the tea steep a little too long with the tea bag in it. This is where my tea drinking background comes full circle in this post. I thought everything about the Good Earth Tea was impressive-the packaging, the perfect little quote on the tea bags, and the aroma. They were great! But, I think my own personal palate was looking for a more subtle flavor like the “plain Jane” black tea I’m so used to.

My consensus- I’m going to give Good Earth Tea another shot-whether it is with another flavor or continuing on with my package of Wild Chaild. I think anyone looking for a new tea experience should give Good Earth Tea a shot. Their flavor names and motto say it all. They are looking to excite your taste buds not subdue them. It looks like I need to become a bit more free spirited in my tea drinking!

“We’re Good Earth and we make tea. But we don’t just stick to the ordinary stuff. We seek out the exotic. The unexpected. The moments where you can really let loose. Because that’s what tea should do. And so that’s how we make it.”

*Disclaimer: The PR team sent me this product. I was not required to write about these experiences and my opinions are my own and unbiased.*

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