#SCBDExclusive: National Pisco Sour Day (and Perfect Pisco Recipes)



National Pisco Sour Day

pisco2Deemed a national holiday in Peru back in 2003, the iconic Pisco sour dates back nearly 100 years, but is currently at the forefront of mixology due to the recent revival of pre-Prohibition cocktails. Truly unique to Peruvian heritage – the classic combines Pisco, lime juice, simple syrup, a dash of egg whites & bitters – but a few modern-day renditions made with Portòn, the finest handcrafted Pisco from Peru, are sure to shake things up!

A little sour before all that Valentine’s Day sweet certainly couldn’t hurt PLUS Pisco (Peru’s national spirit) is hot, hot, hot right now. According to USA Today’s 2014 Culinary Forecast, Peruvian cuisine tops the list of things to watch out for this year!

So raise your glasses and let’s make a toast to National Pisco Sour Day!

Here are a few Perfect Pisco Porton Recipes:


Hometown – Created by Enrique Sanchez – Rose Pistola, San Francisco


1 ¾ parts Portón

¾ part fresh lemon juice

¾ part Darbo Elderflower Syrup

½ part Averna

½ part egg white

Angostura bitters


Combine all ingredients in a shaker. Shake vigorously without ice. After dry shake, add ice and shake all ingredients again. Shake contents over a martini glass. Garnish with 1 mint leaf and a dash of Angostura bitters.

*Enrique Sanchez of Rose Pistola in San Francisco created the Hometown as a reflection of his Peruvian and Italian heritage, using each culture’s respective spirit:pisco and amaro. He notes, “Portòn offers this cocktail a bouquet of flavors with a touch of pineapple on the finish which, when combined with the caramel-bitter of Averna, give birth to a very balanced and nostalgic rendition of a pisco sour.”


E.B.D – Created by Christian Sanders – Evelyn, NYC

E.B.D “Evelyn’s Back Door”

2 parts white peppercorn-infused Portón

¾ part Yuzu Citrus Blend*

¾ part Agave syrup

1 dash Angostura bitters

¾ part egg white


Add all ingredients into shaker and dry shake well (no ice). Then, add ice and shake well again

Double strain into rocks glass. Garnish with cracked white peppercorn and with 2 additional drops of Angostura bitters

*Yuzu Citrus Blend: 60% Yuzu (bitter Japanese citrus) and 40% lemon juice


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