#SCBDFavorite: Happy National Champagne Day!

scbdfavoriteWant to know how to pick a great, tasty (but still pocket-book-friendly) bottle of bubbly – and avoid the nasty champagne hangover?? And, what are the differences between Brut, Extra Brut, Dry and Sec? We’re here to help answer your questions!
  • Extra Brut – a bone-dry style, made with extremely low levels of sugar. (.6% sugar)
  • Brut – dry to the taste, referred to as dry in style, with very low levels of sugar left in the bottle. (1.5% sugar)
  • Extra Dry – usually slightly sweeter than Brut. It would seem that this style would taste drier than Brut but that is typically not the case. (1.2-2% sugar)
  • Sec – French for “dry or lean.” The sec styles often highlight a slightly sweet taste. (1.7-3.5% sugar)
  • Demi-sec – a little sweeter yet. “Half-dry” or semi-sweet in taste. (3.3-5% sugar)
  • Doux – meaning “sweet” in French, this champagne is the sweetest. A dessert champagne. (over 5% sugar)

The most common style today is Brut.

Also, check out this fantastic video from Blue Ribbon Hunter that includes tips on how to pick the perfect bottle of champagne for any occasion and budget. I was especially excited to find this video because there is a mini how-to, toward the end, for a party trick I have been dying to master!

Champagne 101 from Blue Ribbon Hunter

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