#SCBDFavorite: Holiday Snacking and Eating Tips

With all the yummy treats and dishes, and everyone (co-workers, clients, vendors etc) bringing treats and snacks to the office, snacking is a pretty tricky deal during this time of year as well. Especially when everything looks so tasty!
 Here are a few, quick, tips for holiday snacking:
water bottle1. Drink water – it will help keep your stomach full.
2. Eat before you go out – eat something healthy before you go out and have small tastes of those yummy treats while you are out.
3. Have you own healthy snacks in your desk – when your are tempted to keep grazing those trays filled with sweets eat a handful of almonds or veggies.
4. Bring something healthy – just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious! If you don’t know what to bring/prepare ask around for ideas. I always love to check Pinterest for easy, almost guilt-free ideas.
 (see my holiday, snack&apps or partytime board at:  www.pinterest.com/rachmarie311 for ideas)
exercise5. Exercise – wake up a little bit earlier than usual and get a bit of workout time in! It also just feels good and helps get your mind and body going more quickly in the early morning hours.
6. Eat slow – it takes your brain about 15-20 minutes to start signaling the feeling of fullness. So, don’t stuff your face so fast that you end up with a very full, and achy tummy!
people running – http://www.manhattangmat.com/
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