#SCBDReview: Quick and Easy Pumpkin Bread thanks to Trader Joe’s

scbdreviewI already shared a delicious recipe for pumpkin oatmeal, but I had to share more. There are so many pumpkin recipes that are just so good! This one is a pre-made mix, but an amazing one at that. It is from Trader Joes and is my favorite pre-made mixes for pumpkin I have ever had. It is super easy too. All you need is two eggs, oil, water and the pre-made mix.

pumpkin bread 1First, combine the water, oil, and egg is a bowl

pumpkin bread 2

pumpkin bread 3

pumpkin bread 4Next, I added the water, egg, ad oil mixtures to the pre-made mix.

pumpkin bread 5Then, I took a hand mixer and mixed it on speed 2. Once everything was evenly mixed and smooth; I poured the mix into a lightly greased, clear loaf pan. I decided to bake in the toaster oven, since this was such a small pan. I baked it at 350 for minutes 55-60 minutes.

pumpkin bread 6Once the bread was done, I left it in the oven to cool down for about ten minutes. Then, I took the bread out of the pan and placed it on a serving dish. I am not the only one in my family who is obsessed with this bread; my father was so excited to come home from work and see this made and ready to eat! This tastes so fresh and similar to one from scratch, it is relatively cheap and so easy to whip up. This is a go to bread for me and I look forward to it every year around this time, as it is a Trader Joes Seasonal Item.

pumpkin bread 7

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