#SCBDRecipe: A Twist on a Martini and Apple Cider- Apple Cider Martini Recipe


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Apple Cider 1The fall makes me think of apples and fresh apple cider. So what a better time to have a mixed drink that incorporates apple cider! I found a delicious recipe online at About.com, it is provided by Ultimat Vodka. This recipe is only for adults of legal drinking age.

For the ingredients, I went with ‘store brand’ ginger liqueur and cheaper Vodka. I realized that if I used smooth vodka, it would have tasted smoother. But considering I did not, it was still a very delicious and an enjoyable fall drink.  The companies I used are Kutskova Russian Vodka, a local made Apple Cider, Stone’s Original Ginger Liqueur, and John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falernum Liqueur.

Apple Cider 2First, I set out all of my ingredients, including two martini glasses, sliced apple for garnish, and two sticks of cinnamon, as an added taste and décor. I grabbed a measuring cup, shot glass and a shaker with some iced cubes to actually mix the drink.

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Apple Cider 4Next, I poured all the ingredients over the ice in the shaker. I added 1 ¾ oz of vodka, 1/4 oz of ginger liqueur, and a splash of Velvet Falernum. For the Apple Cider, the recipe called to add 1.5oz, but I added more at the end. You can adjust this to taste, if it is too strong for you, add more cider. This helps sweeten it.

Apple Cider 5Then, I mixed them for about 3 minutes in the shaker. I felt like a fancy bartender, it was fun. Always be careful when using a mixer to hold the lid on and be sure it is tight or you will throw liquor literally around.

Apple Cider 6This recipe makes one single drink; you can double the mix to make two. I made two different mixes for the first time.

Apple Cider 7Here are the final two drinks, at various angles. At this point you can add garnish; I added an apple slice and the cinnamon stick. You could also serve this warm, but I enjoyed it as a cold beverage.

Apple Cider 9

Apple Cider 10This was such a fun recipe and it was so tasty. You can play around It is a strong drink; so also be careful with how much alcohol you consume and never drink and drive! Enjoy!!

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