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Are YOU Ready for some FOOTBALL? Fall is quickly approaching which means that its time for football. Whether it’s an NFL game or collage football game, or if you’re a die heart football fan or just accompanying your companion to a game or watch party, you want to be fashionable. Here are some fashion tricks to make sure you’re in style from the sideline.


Although some schools’ traditions are know to dress up for games, DON’T wear your stilettos, pumps, etc., to the game. You won’t be able to last long in those and they will ruin all of the fun. Save those for the victory win after party. DO substitute those pumps for a wedge heel. Wear sandals, and for those really cold games a cute boot.

Jerseys are always a go to item for a football games, however, DON’T buy an over-sized jersey and then cut it. Not only are you wasting your money, but you may also end up ruining the entire jersey, still leaving you with nothing to wear. DO purchase a jersey and pair it with your favorite jeans. There are jerseys out there that are made to fit a woman’s body.


Jerseys are great; however, DON’T limit yourself to team gear. There are tons of school-branded and NFL clothing, why limit yourself to only wearing a team’s name? Also, t-shirts and jeans aren’t the only options besides jerseys. If your favorite dress is in your school colors, wear it.


Try to save the jerseys and team gear for when you’re watching the game at home. At home your outfit will be simple, comfortable and cute. Throw on a pair of leggings or tights with your team t-shirt and a long cardigan (make sure you’re covering your behind – keep in mind, you have on leggings). Throw on a pair of booties; add some bangles and you’re ready for the game. Another at home outfit would be a pair of colored jeans, and a your favorite team crewneck. Throw on a cute pair of earrings and a pair of cute flats.  If you’re laid-back, this look is perfect for you, you’ll be comfortable, yet stylish

a115a546e82f41ddc36f0043b098c9f6For those days you’re in the stadium wear a basic vest with a long sleeved striped shirt underneath, not only will you be warm but you’ll also add some color to your outfit. Add your favorite pair of dark denim and boots to this outfit; add a scarf for even more of a color pop. Stylish, warm, and comfy, you’ll be ready to cheer on your favorite team.

DON’T forget accessories! An outfit if often not complete without accessories. Bracelets, earring, rings, scarves, gloves even earmuffs – try to find accessories in your school or favorite NFL team’s colors.


Some people enjoy going all out for game and painting their face, DON’T forget you’re wearing it! You don’t want to be that person with the “scary face,” with half your face painted and the other looking like who knows what. DO bring a mirror and/or have a friend be on the look out for any face paint mishaps. While on the topic of paint, DON’T forget your game day nail polish.

Last, but not least, enjoy the game and cheer on your favorite team in style.

From my closet to yours, the Short Girl with the Long Hair

*Photos were found on Pinterest

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