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Ciao raggazi! The other evening I had the pleasure of going to the Birreria rooftop bar at Eataly with my dear amica from Italia. Yes, she came all the way from Italy to eat Italian food in the Flatiron District of New York City. The weather was fantastic, and we got a great view of the Empire State Building and the Flatiron Building. The Empire State building was lit up with beautiful red, white, and green, which was a perfect pseudo-Italian flag backdrop at Eataly.

For dinner, I had pollo del diavolo which was a bit spicy and extremely delicious. The chicken was fresh and had a great amount of herbs and spices. There were three chicken legs on the plate, and that was enough to keep me full. My amica from Italia had prosciutto crudo and a cheese platter. She devoured the prosciutto crudo and cheese like she had never had fresh meat and cheese before.

I also recommend the cask ales they have at the Birreria. If you’ve never had a cask ale before, a cask ale beer is a beer that is served from the same cask that it is conditioned in. They have three cask ales all for $10 a pint: Wanda, a chestnut mild ale, Giuseppina, an Italian-American IPA, and Gina, a traditional thyme American pale ale.

If you’re not an alcohol drinker or just want to try something different, I suggest the traditional Italian refreshments such as Lurisia Chinotto. Chinotto is an Italian soda made from the fruit of the Chinotto tree. The fruit is a bitter citrus which comes from the tree also known as “myrtle-leaved orange tree”. Chin chin e salute!



Eataly Main Website http://www.eataly.com/

Birreria Main Website http://www.eataly.com/birreria

Birreria Dinner Menu


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